bleep test

bought a bleep test cd the other day and was pretty ashamed that i only reached about 8 and a half.

Whats the best training i can do to specifically raise my level for the bleep test? im looking to be able to hit 12

also, what distance is the test over- ive measured out about 20m in my nearest field (is this the right distance?) to be fair, its not a very flat field in that one leg of the 20 is on an incline, and the ground is real bumpy anyway- or maybe im just making excuses!!!

any help would be appreciated
yeh its 20m! the bleep test is used to test VO2max which is your maximal oxygen uptake, in laymans terms your aerobic endurance. Training wise, RUN RUN RUN! do everything, long distance (build up slowly if u dont already) & short/middle distance doing interval/fartlek training.

u will proabably find that if you did the bleep test with a load of others with a little competitive spirit your level will definatly increase! so dont feel too bad about it.

Good luck!
cheers for the advice,

ive heard a lot that you should train for at least 30mins to get real benefit out of a session. with this in mind ive been going on 5 mile 'jogs' a few times a week, taking about 50 mins. Is it worth me doing quick mile and a half runs (or even less) which only last 10 minutes or so?

also, is it worth me doing many weights to compliment my running training- i try and do 2 sessions a week of fairly heavy weights but is this hindering my running abilities. to be fair im about a stone and a half over my ideal weight at the moment, so as i lose that i guess itll get easier as well!
what your doing sounds good! yeh its best to workout/run for more than 30 mins per session around 5 times aweek. I always find that if you havnt got much time, or u just fancy a quick work out, do the fit test!. (Max press ups & situps in 2mins & 1.5mile ). doesnt take long!
A couple of weight sessions will definatly compliment your CV training as this will condition your muscles to utilise fuel more efficiently which in turn will hlep with the weight loss!. Although i would stick to high repitition & relitively moderate low weights & work more on specific body strength ie, situps/pressups & chins.

Also keep a note of what times/distances, weights & reps you do - this can boost motivation when you see improvement, which im sure you will! :)
Level 8 is probably about average.

The best form of training to do for a bleep test is interval training...I was a 'guinea-pig' for my friend who is doing a sports science degree and as part of her project she had to devise a fitness programme based on what she'd learnt.

I run on average 25 miles per week so I was fairly fit to start with, but I was just running for about 5 miles and then coming home. I took a bleep test at the start of the programme and reached level 9,4 then I started doing my runs on the track...I was running at about 70% for 400m, then sprinting for 200m, then running at about 80% for 400m and sprinting for 100m etc etc.

I don't have the info to hand but it went on like that for ages and thoroughly knackered me out. By the end of her two week interval training programme I had improved my bleep test score by just over two levels 11,6.

Other than her programme I didn't do anything else differently with regards to physical exercise during the 2 weeks so I have no doubt it helped me greatly.
Just curious as to where you bought the test from and more importantly how much? Cheapest I've seen it is about £25 which seems a fair bit for what is just a much of measured beeps.
I've got the bleep teest on mp3 file and am happy to share it with people. I'm sure the site operators can find a way of allowing me to send you a copy!
PLEASE TELL ME YOU"RE NOT DOING IT ON GRASS!!! no wonder you only got mid 8... I promise you that If you tried the same test on concrete you will see a marked improvement.

im not sure what the red/amber/green pass levels are, but basic officer entry requires a 10.2.

the bleep test was one of the things that scared me the most before my RCB as I hadnt done on in years and I built it up in my head as being a fecking marathon.

As other people have said the best training for this is interval training.

I combined regular runs with uphill runs (up a massive hill near my home) but why not try this:

hill sprints: (in laymans terms cos' I aint no PTI!!)

find a stretch of hill about 20-40m high at a fairly nasty incline.

SPRINT up to the top and jog back down again (I found jogging back down backwards help as it didnt put as put stress on me joints)

at the bottom (after you've jogged back down) do 20 reps of pressups,situps,crunches,squats etc.

repeat this 5 times, then take a 2 min break. Repeat the ENTIRE exercise 3-5 time (so a total of 15-25 sprints and 15-25 sets of exercises)

unless you're he-man you shoud be pretty chinstrapped by the end of this but you'll feel great.

I just borrowed mine from my gym ask yours they will probabaly have one.

I am absolutly bricking it over this MSFT ive not done it in years i think im prepared (Can do the entire run at 13km/h) but still a bit nervous AS I HAVE A COLD...
Just found it online.

What a sad bar steward I am!

Scroll down to Training Material, a few other bleep test related stuff there too.

By the way, I'm stuck on tour with nowt better to do, what's your excuse??? ;-)
I was just about to suggest that - it's where I downloaded it from. Maybe I'll go put it on eBay ....
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