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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DB_Cooper, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Help , i need to be able to get to level 8.4 on the bleep test so far best i can mange is 7.4 i have 3 weeks before i take a re-test and i need to pass anyone advise me on what sort of training will help

    many thanks DB
  2. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you run a bit faster and further on the day than you have been doing.
  3. Get out running more.

    No seriously.

    Try varying your running speed, gentle jog 2 lamposts, pick up the speed for the next, then sprint to the next then back down to a jog, then repeat. Build up your distance.

    Vary this with steady state runs, of at least 35-40 minutes, and 1.5 mile blasts.

    Best of luck
  4. Download the beep test and go out and find a 20m length of grass/road/path and keep practising.

    8.4 is easily manageable in 3 weeks.
  5. Crunchie mate, you seriously need to change your avatar. One of these days I'm going to assume you're Intergeri and launch into a torrent of abuse. :)
  6. Lost me.....i assume Intergeri isn't your bezza :D
  7. how old are you... 8.4 should be easy with in a few weeks mate after a bit of extra running i went from 12.5 to 13.7 in no time and i felt i could of done more....make sure your well hydrated and have a gentle warmup....also wear light and breathable clothing...all counts :)
  8. 8.3 is the required standard for a male between 40 and 44. Incidentally, the pass rate for a female in the 17 - 29 age group is 7.2.....
  9. Beep test is a load of cock...get out and do a proper fitness test mate :)

    Anyway, 8.4 should be achievable by anyone with 2 legs without breaking into a sweat. If you are otherwise able bodied and are struggling to reach this level then a long hard look inwards is in order methinks.
  10. *warning dumb question*

    are there differnent difficulty levels of bleep test?

    its just when i did guard PT at gib we had a bleep test and no one got past level 7 'ish and none of us were really unfit, did one at chatham a while back and even the slow lads achieved level 9.
  11. No mate, the difficuly is increased as the levels go up, as far as I am aware there is not a beep test cd that is faster on any given level than others. (unless some sadistic PTI made his own version)
  12. You can vary the difficulty by changing it's length, if your pti is a soft fembot. And sometimes they do, to make them look good...

    Also, level 8 should be achievable by leopard crawling ffs. What the hell is wrong with people? :roll:
  13. not that i know of mate...20metres run back and forth with beeps increasing in speed 10 beeps at each stage as i recall.. at each stage the time between beeps shortens...sound familiar..what was yours like?
  14. Bizarrely enough I've never actually done a bleep test, what does 8.4 equate to in old money PFT times?
  15. There are two versions of the bleep test that I've done. One increases up to about level 5 then the timing stays static and you just keep going. Haven't seen that one for years.
    The other more common one just keeps on getting harder, with less time between beeps and more shuttles between levels. At 8.4 you should just start to be working.
    5.4 is the current minimum to join the old bill, and to prove a point, had been done at a fast walk and backwards.
    The best tip I have ever heard, which gained me two levels is not to go balls out right to the turn, rather accelerate like fcuk to about two thirds of the shuttle, then decelerate into the turn. Your turns will be smoother.