Bleep test distance

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by paddi-8764, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. On my AOSB briefing I preformed very poorly on the bleep test, with my main board rapidly approaching I have acquired my own copy of the test. The problem is the only piece of flat non slip ground I can use is a church hall I have access to, the hall however is only 19m in length. I can now reach level 10.2 with relative ease but was wondering does this lack of 1meter make any noticeable difference? I realise that up to level 10.2 Im losing just under 30 meters overall distance which is really only one and one half shuttles.
  2. do it up and down a hill then you will get good at it
  3. Keep doing your bleep test but don't forget hills, fartleks and other interval stuff (try step machines or swimming to change the routine). If you get 10.2 now on 19 metres you'll get it on the board with your mates pushing you. Aim higher than 10.2 though- it's a minimum and should be a piece of pish. Consider your training session a success if you get past 11 for example, otherwise you'll subconsciously switch off when you achieve the 10.2. If you get under 11 just beast yourself with additional pressups.
  4. cheers for the reply, like you said I only really use the bleep test as an indicator, I do other cardio activities to build my fitness, I like the idea of push-ups if I fail to get to 11! Two birds one stone right there!
  5. Which briefing were you on by chance? Was it this year? Give me a PM and tell me, I might have met you... I'm not sure.... But your name and picture suggest a name and face to me....