Bleep test/1.5 mile time equivilency?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I was at a metting at my local AFCO and they told me that the cardio asessment at officer selection is in the for of the multi-stage fitness test, not the 1.5 mile run. I know I should be running the 1.5 mile sub 10:30 and scoring 10.2 on the bleep test but having only taken them bleep test when I was 14 and fat as a whale I have no idea what this compares to.

    So if a person could acheive 10.2 on the MSFT what kind of 1.5 time would the be epxecting? Or does it just not work like that at all?

  2. It doesn't work like that at all. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness are 2 different things. Anaerobic is where you run off oxygen you don't have, IE. sprinting, building up lactic acid in your legs, aerobic is long distance, working off of stamina and having a steady oxygen intake. Different muscle groups etc are used according, so you can't draw a relation between the 2. Unless you're fat, you'll be fine :p
  3. JayCam - I was trained as a 'gym queen' but served in other roles. I came across the 'bleep test' in NI in the very early eighties. The RUC had it as one of their seven physical selection tests used in those days.

    One an 18 month detachment I introduced many 'mil' guys to this test and I can say without equivocation, the 'bleep test' measured closely to their '1.5' run test. Yup, there was a few of us curious at those stats at the time. I reversed the roles and had several RUC volunteers run the '1.5' miler and in turn compare the time to their 'bleep test' standard. Little difference between the two.

    If you feel that you can reach a regular '10.2' standard on your 'bleep test' then you'll be ok on the run.
  4. Well it was actually the reverse that I was wondering! I can run the 1.5 in a little under 10:30.. will I be able to get 10.2 on the bleep test?

    Cheers for all the responses.

  5. just go out there and do your best, don't look for minimums like a lot of guys going into selection etc. Aslong as you put in the work you should pass whatever course you are doing
  6. At AOSB we were told that reaching level 10.2 on the bleep test is the equivalent of running 1.5 miles in 10:30 however as you paced yourself to the bleeps and can't go off too fast and fade it was slightly easier.
  7. I'm not looking for a minimum mate, I just like to be well prepared. For example I know the run time required is 10:30 so I am trying to get down to 9:something. I would do the same for the bleep test but I dont understand how the bugger works.

  8. The higher the 'bleep' number you achieve, the 'faster' run comparison. In your case if you are chasing a 9+ run rating, then you should be regularly hitting the level 12 'bleep'.

    Saw Seb Coe in his time hit level 15 on the 'bleep'.
  9. [quote="bob_lawlaw
    The higher the 'bleep' number you achieve, the 'faster' run comparison. In your case if you are chasing a 9+ run rating, then you should be regularly hitting the level 12 'bleep'.

    Thanks! I will aim for level 12 then.

  10. I can't stand the bleep test, I'd much rather run a set distance. 10.2 shouldn't be a problem, but on my AOSB briefing I seriously fucked up the timing and ran far too fast at the start of the test, meaning I struggled to time it right at the end. Can't settle into a rythm. 10.2 shouldn't put a massive strain on you if you train much, I managed it doing no running having done hardly any running as training. I really ought to start doing some more, but it's a bugger to fit it in alongside rowing training.

    I have the problem that I'd like to consider myself pretty fit, but my legs struggle when I run with after effects because they aren't conditioned to long runs. I injured my hand rowing and had to run for a couple of sessions instead, the session was 16km as far as I remember, ran it hard, didn't struggle with fitness but the day after I could hardly walk as hamstrings had tightened up and feet were fucked.
  11. Matthius be careful now you are in danger of ruining your new image by giving out sensible advice.