bleeding nipples....

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by headgear, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. on a recent 10 miler run my nipples actually bled! (I'm a bloke don't get excited!)

    does anyone know if there anything you can use to protect this area apart from layers of vaseline?


    ps I was wearing a standard running top not wire wool!
  2. Its joggers nipple, its just chafing. Tape your nipples up.
  3. Leave them at home
  4. Know the problem all to well especially marathon training, I use the good old 3M micropore tape, two pieces over the nips and a dab of vaseline on top of it and hey presto no blood!
  5. Yeah, don't run 10 miles, you'll only bleed tired.
  6. Maybe only run 5 miles. :wink: :D
  7. I've got a jar of pickled ones if you need spares.
  8. Found a pic of MDN on a recent 10k using his nipple guards.

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  9. thanks for the sensible suggestion- although the rubber suckers do look interesting!

    The only problem with using tape is the in-voluntary waxing process involved when getting it off - I was hoping there might be a 'jessie' option but it looks like I'll just have to be a man and grin and bear it!

  10. Micropore tapes fine mate, it's not like ripping black nasty off!
  11. Weirdo!!
  12. Wear a tight t-shirt that does not move up and down as you run as you are running thus causing the rub. Alternativly apply lube, plasters, nipple cups etc. to your hearts content

    You guys need to consider Occam's Razor at times.