Bleeding Heart MOs & Sick chits........

Discussion in 'RLC' started by RLCQMAN, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. I had cause to reprimand a soldier for producing a sick chit to remove himself from the duties firing line today.......

    His sick chit was a very long winded, in my opinion, piece of cack excusing him from living. The said soldiers duty consisted of him having to do no more than what he does at work on a day to day basis.

    I had a similar situation in Gutersloh and took my concerns to the Senior MO over the issue of these ridiculously worded documents. I was advised that these docs were in reality a guideline recommendation.

    My concern is whether this is true and secondly if it is how the CoC will react when I start ripping them up. I am frankly tired of excuses from soldiers who produce them at will. They deflate the purpose of the document from personnel who truly need them and deflate morale.

    When are MO's going to be reeled in over their over-zealous application of these chits.........

    Who else out there is getting tired of this? It's time to sort this out once and for all.

    Welcome to the revolution brothers and sisters, Pain will be with us all shortly
  2. I totally agree with you, RLCQMan. However, in this litigation society, you would have to be extremely careful and choosy about which ones you do rip up.

    OK, now the serious point is out of the way, I'll finish on a joke.
    My old CO was a bit of a motorbike freak, and was incredibly upset when he crashed his pride and joy and wrecked it. He was still furious whilst sat in the Med Centre, when the MO kept him waiting so he could write him out a biff chit.
    "And who the f*cking hell am I supposed to show that to?" he stormed.
  3. I totally agree that some soldiers do try it on, but i also think you are foolish if you force soldiers to undertake duties contrary to advice given by the MO.

    Maybe a case for boxing clever.

    Ensure that PT is a parade and that all personnel will attend, and stay until the lesson is over, regardless if they take part or not. Keep an eye on said soldiers first time they do something contrary to their sick chit - 'ave 'em for it.

    On Telic some of the coloured soldiers had a problem with razor bump and were excused shaving. Others also went sick with the same problem and it was known that there was nothing wrong but that they were just bone idle. any soldier that did not shave after their chit ran out was charged (and there were a few idiots). Also the guys were taught how to look after their skin to prevent the condition from happening, result being that if they went sick after that they were again punished for failing to administrate themselves correctly.
  4. Our MO seems to have a very good relationship with RHQ, he's pretty good at telling the lads to wind their necks in. But again he has to be careful, wouldnt want to neglect the real patients who do need light duties and bedding down.
  5. Ref the shaving chit, had that a few times on my last posting as Admin Sgt, right pain in arse!
    But what comes around goes around...Regt Trg Wing decided on some NBC Chamber stuff. Certain blagging members of the Sqn smiled thinking that shaving sick chits stopped them going in until a rumour went round started by certain SNCO's (mmmm :plotting: ) that they were going in anyway.
    Low and behold on the day of the training, the ones we knew were blagging suddenly turned up with cheeks smoother than the proverbial toddlers bum!
  6. Best one I have seen todate is soldier given a week off due to stress brought on by wife's PMT!!! Sack the wife.
  7. You have got to speak to the M.O. or the practice manager of the Medical centre, and ask them to put write in the M.O.s coment box on the sick chit what they can do as well as what they can`t, especially when it comes to the scrotes trying to get off PT. If they have a lower limb injury it does not stop them for bench pressing until thier eyes bleed.
  8. When sick chit levels hit 10% of posted strength, the Command Team decided to review all such chits. Follow up pressure on the MO was subtle - along the lines of "Pte X has had a bad knee for 4 weeks, what are you doing about physio?".

    Cases of stress were monitored carefully and the trick cyclist engaged.

    As suggested, PT was turned into a parade. Unfit soldiers still deployed on exercises but did admin work in the tents during the day and were bussed in and out.

    Unfortunately, a couple of soldiers with very long term injuries were discharged after due process, but they had been on the sick for well over 2 yrs and there was little sign of them ever returning to fitness.

    It takes time and effort but is rewarding when you can persuade the MO to spend some money on a soldier rather than waiting for nature to take its course! Physio is expensive but necessary to stop a lot of injuries getting worse.

  9. best i saw was the Q bloke taking all of the malingerers for a walk around the airfield on a fri afternoon...literllay a stroll...the humilation was too much for most...most got themselves upgraded!
  10. Hope they picked lots of mushrooms for the seniors' breakfast ?
  11. 32 Ord Coy Colchester, way back in the 80's, used to hold a 100% parade, less the duty clerk, twice a week.

    On each parade, groups were formed: Whippets, Average, Spastics, and the Useless. First 3 groups did physical trg suited to their ability, whilst the last group, either under the supervision of the Duty SNCO, or any SNCO that fell into the cripples group, carried out litter picking, cleaning, or any other GD type stuff that needed to be done.

    In addition those that fell into the Spastics group (generally BFT/CFT failures) were put on remedial trg that took place at 0530 in the morning.

    This healthy clean living healthstyle, whilst not totally eliminating the church of the physically inept, at least kept it in check.

  12. Sorry to sound like a bleeding-heart liberal, PAW, but is that not punishing people for something that may not be their fault?
    Accepted that the Army has its fair share of skivers, but it also has a lot of people recovering from injuries they have incurred in the pursuit of their normal duties. Personally, if I had any blokes who fell into the latter category, I would point blank refuse to have them participate in a litter clean up. There again, I'm getting out soon, so don't have to play the politics any more.
    In my experience also, holding a remedial PT parade at 0530 is unecessary, in any case; for the real skivers, it is far more effective is to hold the session at a busy time of the day, when there are lots of people around to witness their humiliation, as they struggle to wobble their lard encased frames around at an embarrassingly slow speed.... :)
  13. SN,

    You make some fair points. However, parading a unit at the same time, and then splitting them up according to what they can and cannot do, is not 'punishment' - it's a sensible use of resources and improves unit cohesiveness as everybody is parading at the same time. Point taken about litter picking but the principle remains. They could be employed just as usefully in the office, stores or MT park - take your pick.

  14. Civvies working in Med Centres are much to do with the problem they allow the blokes to literally write their own biff chit.

    The civvy MO in this Garrison is a right easy touch.
  15. I used to have that attidude before I got downgraded! I thought if you were downgraded chances are you were a bluffing mong with nothing wrong with you. Now the shoe is on the other foot. My hip is screwed. The MO at Colchester RRU said if I didn't have a trade he would probably consider MD'ing me. Because I am on a long course I can't have the time off to have the operation which I require. I am in pain a lot of the time. I can't run (something I really enjoyed) and I can't go mountaineering (something I really love) because it's too much for me.
    So we are not all a bunch of bluffing tossers on the look out for an easy time. There are a few who milk the system but the majority have got genuine injuries.
    As harsh as this may sound I hope you get downgraded for a serious injury so perhaps you will realise how much it sucks to be in that position.