Blazer Badges, Which one

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mattygc, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Like a lot of people I was in more than one regiment.

    I started as a boy soldier in the Royal Armoured Corps JLR. then went to my Cavalry Regiment. When I was discharged. I went into my local TA regiment the Light Infantry.

    I was happy with my cavalry regimental badge and tie. But some clever bugger in the "club" said I should have the powder horn on my blazer. Actually I did on my lapel.

    OK is there an etiquette for regimental blazers, or should I just get velro stitched onto my breast pocket.
  2. Never Never Velcro! Why swop badges? I have two, Queens Bays and 1st.KDG, but I do have two charity shop blazers, I perm. the badges.... Bays blazer and KDG beret badge, and vicky verky, which one do you feel attached to the most?
  3. i now belong to the malaya borno vets assoc and i wear that badge with pride on my blazer,,i have my unit badges as small lapel items.
  4. Basically thats what I did 13th /18th on the blazer pocket. The LI lapel pin.
    Only some of these DLI blokes a real huffy. Mind 3 and 8s being Yorkshire probably doesent help
  5. Mattyg, when did you serve 13th/18th?
  6. No blazer badge, but the correct tie for the occasion, perhaps?
  7. always the rtr tie..
  8. Here is one way round it if your still in . No badge , old reg buttons on blazer , reg tie for the one your serving with now ? so you don't but noses out and a tie pin for which ever one you like . All bases covered so say and you will keep most people happy.
    Now i've finished i rotate reg ties each year 11 Nov , to an out sider i could be classed as a walt :D :D :D
    Hope this is helpful :?

    any one seen me coat
  9. I was in the Lilywhites in the early 70s, Munster, Sennelager, NI, Bovvy, Lulworth
  10. Some throbber accused me of being a walt on Nov 11. I was wearing my AAC blazer badge, but wearing an RCT tie. I started in the RCT and transferred.

    He was only happy when i showed him my medals, my NI medal named as DVR ...... RCT and ACSM named SSGT ...... AAC. I think this walt thing is going a bit too far with some people. I felt like I should be carrying my red book with me.
  11. So far all i get is strange looks , then i meet some one i know . I think the question is asked after i leave ?
  12. Well in my case 3n8s had plain brass buttons and a single button on the cuff. So thats how my blazer is. Word of warning. don't wear your blazer to a security area. The badges set of the metal detectors. I had the magic wand waved over me while two police constawables with HK MP5's looked on.

    This whole walt thing bugs me too. My TA battalion had a high proportion of ex regs. Fair enough you could see the real rambo wanna be's a mile away. But a lot of lads joined the TA as a route to the regs.

    Mind, we did a mobilisation exercise once. There were wives phoning in, he can't come he's ill, or he's at work. It certainly put the wind up a lot of the "less serious" guys.

    But back to the subject. I'll wear my Z head badge and tie and the LI lapel pin and tie pin. Gonna end up looking like a 53 year old school kid I'll need my veterans badge too. There again I'm not allowed to drink or smoke cos of the pills I take and a dicky ticker. so I may aswell take up dress making and stay at home.

    Incidently anyone seen the RBL survey about how broken us ex servicemen are. Scared the sh*t out of me. No bloody wonder I just hit 80% disabled
  13. You can always wear the 2nd badge on one of the side pockets of your blazer
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Mattygc in Durham. That kind of narrows down your cavalry regiment and Light Infantry regiment.

    I was also a retread (I actually wore four badges: RAMC in the ACF - my local ACF unit; three months in RMP until I told them where to shove their truncheons; seven years in 15/19H and seven in RAPC) but I have never had any torn loyalties.

    15/19H was living the dream, the rest were all just noise.

    Alien, aka Boggles, 15/19H 1975 - 82
  15. The one you feel most affinity to. Moral courage is the key. I'd like to see anyone prove you wrong. :santa: