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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Krazy_Ivan, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Some of this is post is tongue in cheek and I would appreciate either stupid or serious answers

    I've been out of the Army now for seven years (that's 7 for the infantry and driver lineys), as I'm well advanced into my mid-30's and now have daft amounts of money to spend on shite, I'm looking at buying a Corps Blazer, now my problem is this: My first Corps was the Royal Signals and I had many a happy time as one of Jimmy's finest; I then went onto the Corps of Royal Engineers whereupon I achieved my highest rank, but also only served a brief time prior to being medically discharged.

    My quandary is this, as I had a much better time in the signals (and better memories) than in the RE (my situation not the Corps' fault), should I get a signals or RE blazer? I also did my AACC and have now seen army commando blazer badges.

    Which badge should I get on my blazer? One Corps or two? Should I stick the Army Commando blazer badge at the top of my left arm?


  2. Get both, cut each in half and stick together.

    Sell the excess halves to someone else in the same position.
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  3. Or even better, have someone make you a holographic one so that it changes depending on which direction it's viewed from.

    Serious answer though, just chose whichever one you feel like! Would you rather be thought of as ex-RSigs, or as ex-RE?

    And if it's both, get some velcro.
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  4. I've not much experience with velcro, does it work on buttons?
  5. I'd go for Royal Signals, not just because I'm biased, but also because you say it's the corps where you had your best times.
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  6. Looks like it does.
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Buy three blazers you tight wad!
  8. It's Buttons. And something must be aiding the gravity-defying abilities of his titfer.
  9. OK then, next question: As I'm working abroad, with a shite internet connection; can anyone recommend a decent, but not overly expensive tailor? My arse starts to twitch when I look at spending more than a couple of hundred quid on a single item of clothing and I start to think things like "I could have bought a new laptop for the same price" or "For only a little bit more, I could have bought a half decent track-day car.

    Cheers easy.

  10. What about Jimmy on your breast pocket and a good quality enamelled Wedge pin badge on your lapel?
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  11. Any thirty-year old who buys a blazer with the genuine intent of wearing it is one sad f*cker.

    I've just received my copy of the Legion magazine, and anybody in there wearing one has got to have been at least 75.

    If I was thirty-something with the piles of money you say to have, I've be out there in my Ferrari, whooping it up in the Italian Alps with a blonde ragazza sitting beside me, not looking to see what velcro slippers go with my regimental tie.

    FFS, you sound clinically dead already.

    tac, never had a blazer in my life.
  12. Aha, a couple of sensible answers; excellent. I take it that I shouldn't really bother with the admittedly tacky looking Army Commando blazer badge?
  13. You could arrange your blazer in the manner of Monty's slouch hat.

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  14. Most people hide their 'slag stickers' a little better than that. I thought the usual form was to put them on a headboard.