Blatter: Drivel Again

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by heidtheba, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Sepp Blatter has said Ronaldo should not be 'held against his will at Man Utd'.

    What a crock of sh1te :roll:

    What is the point of signing a contract last year if you have no desire to honour it.

    I know they won't, but they should let him rot in in the fcuking youth team.

    Cnuts :x

  2. The man is a gibbering buffoon, hes gone into FIFA with some sort of political agenda from the 1970s, he wants to be careful or all the big clubs will make FIFA aware that they are the most powerful and important force in football, their money funds the whole thing! Not to mention that comparing an extremely wealthy international superstar to a slave is a bit distatsteful...Platini at UEFA talks sh1t as well, but at least he was a good player...
  3. I take it you wont be picking him for your fantasy team this season then heid?
  4. Nope.

    Unless he says he is happy to stay after injury
  5. Wasn't it Platini who said he would do everything in his power to stop Britain ever hosting the World Cup? Bunch of plebs the lot of them. Good players in their day but don't seem to be able to move with the times. Fifa shoudl not be interfaring with domestic clubs and their players at all.
  6. Surely Man u will have clauses in his contract about talking with other clubs. If so, sue the greasy tit for breach and hit the mercenary little bastich in his pocket.
    He signed a contract, he should honour it.
  7. Blatter. Does anyone in the world have a cushier number than head of FIFA? All this cnut has to do is sort out the 'did the ball cross the line' technology and that's taken him a dozen years already. It's not as if the question was asked in the 1800s FFS.

    As far as Ronaldo goes, would Blatter get involved with a player/club situation if they were in the second division? It's all a big showboat.
  8. Cut out UEFA and FIFA and you cut out the amount of cash the clubs would get. No chance.
  9. There's a good article linked below in which Wenger sees the end of transfer fees (and to a certain extent contracts) all together. To a certain extent, I agree with what is said - how do you keep a player (or make him play to the best of his ability) when he has openly stated that he does not want to remain at his current club?

  10. Which would see the end of lower league clubs for good. Whilst I admire Wenger for his work, he sometimes talks as much drivel as Blatter. Headhunting goes on in all forms of buisness, and will continue for many years. The system of contracts will remain as will transfer fee's. If a player decides its time to move on, then let them go. They will soon learn that the grass isnt always greener (Michael Owen, Anelka etc)

    I also find it rich when Utd moan about Real "persuading" one of their players to join them - Owen Hargreaves anyone?
  11. Agreed d_s.

    Even as a Utd supporter I find the whole thing distastefull.

    We have done it with Hargreaves, Stam and V Nistelroy. However, the whole point of Blatter saying what he did is fcuking shocking, he is a tit of the highest order, is he trying to kill the game altogether?

    Your fcuking right he is :x