Blatna Bridge, Bosnia


Just found this on youtube and couldn't believe my eyes! I was actually a member of the troop (5 Troop, 37 Squadron) that built this brige near Omarska and had never seen the footage until today! It was a job and half and was ultra-symbolic of the reconstruction effort so every man and his dog from the media and international development tipped up to film the construction (or at least they did until a few mines were discovered on the home bank!). Unfortuntely for any dreams of fame I may have had, as one of the less handsome and reliable Sappers I was given the less than glorious task of being filmed for French Army TV!

Hope it brings back memories for some. PM me if it does :wink:
i too was 5 tp 37 fd sqn re but a bit before this.

fecking good tp.

d@@k br*@n as the staffy, toppers.

good find wedge.
Nice also of the vehicles lining up in the Glamoc range lanes, brought back memories of checking and proving the new road up through the dead ground and then each individual lane so the armour came in and lined up just out of view of the 'spectators area' instead of rolling down the only track and reversing into position. It was great to see the Lynx's hitting the targets that day more than the U.S. Apaches... 8)
Nice to 5 troop still exists was in HQ troop long time ago and was put in 5 troop for Medicine hat and NI in the 70s still got the section Photograph from Middleton

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