Blatent promo for H4H event - Windsor


Dont normally like to put my head above the parapet but I want to promote this event (also listed on the H4H site).

If you cant get, please tell your friends & family to attend as I will be hanging around the entrance :eek: with my H4H collecting tins and I want at least a quid off every one that comes through the gates. There will also be tins in the beer tent and I will be doing a collection in the beer tent at night for the re-enactors, sorry medieval walts, once the public have gone.

If this is successful I am hoping to do a collection for help them out at Blore Heath in September , helped by Sgt. Slingsby.
Well my first ever collection managed to raise £243 over the weekend,
£101 from the re-enactors alone on saturday night. In talks now to collect at Bosworth in August and Blore heath in September.
Tins in the beer tent? Not draught?

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