Blast kills one, destroys 3 houses. "Not terrorism or gas" ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, May 9, 2008.

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  1. So if it wasn't a gas blast and wasn't terrorist related, this would suggest that teenage girls in North London have access to quantities of high explosive etc.

    Just how much PE would you need to level three houses?

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    AQ auditioning new suicide bombers
    "See Achmed press the button and whoosh pice of p1ss" :wink:
  4. There's plenty of****ed up kids here that would do that. I can imagine it now "dat gyal did dis n dat, lez go fuk er up innit"

    Happened not too far away from where I live

    BBC said that the house was vandalised before the blast too, so it most likely was a running fued/beef between some chavs or something.
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  6. I think what Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton really means is it wasn't Al Qaeda or the IRA.

    I imagine bombing someone's house without state sanction would be classed as an act of terrorism? What else is it? A bit of naughtiness? A act of youthful exuberance? Vandalism and criminal damage doesn't quite fit the crime imo. :)
  7. Its what used to be called murder. If its not organised, to an end and intended to cause terror then it can't really be classed as terrorism. It could well be a gang hit if that much explosive was used. The house could, of course, have belonged to the girlfriend of a lawyer who is also in the HAC who she had an argument with earlier in the day...
  8. Local to me too and I suspect that there is much more to this one. Media coverage has been much more low key than one would normally expect.
  9. Does Crystal Meth make a really big bang when you get it wrong?
  10. Note that the man who was killed was one Emad Qureshi, described as a businessman.

    Now it strikes me that Qureshi isn't a very common name in the UK. Beyond that if you consider how many people in any population are Company directors, how many Company Directors would you think there are in the UK with the name Qureshi?

    Five? Ten? 50?

    I counted up to 300 and I'd only got to the Initial "H"

    Sounds like big business.....
  11. No, but a rival drug dealer might make You go bang if You get that wrong :D
  12. Just like your aspiring political career then
  13. My, full of spite aren't You :roll:

  14. As opposed to full of votes. :roll:

    Looking at the damage, the vehicle in front appears to be pretty intact. Doesnt even appear to have broken windows. The explosion didnt appear to be that large despite the houses falling down. Surely if HE was used, it would have trashed the local area a bit more.
  15. Yes it can, the chemicals involved are highly dangerous.

    Living next to a crystal meth is considered more dangerous than using it.