Blast Kills British Soldier - Iraq

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Soldier died in Basra, Blast Kills British Soldier

Updated: 08:23, Monday February 05, 2007

A British soldier has been killed in a roadside bombing near the US consulate in Basra, a British military spokeswoman has said.

Captain Katie Brown said that the bomb wounded an unknown number of Iraqi civilians and damaged cars parked nearby.

Around 7,500 British troops are based in Basra.

More to follow...
Source Sky News -,,30000-1250164,00.html

RIP Soldier :(
MoD confirms , news is still breaking.


Book Reviewer
RiP. I hope all injured have a speedy recovery.
Latest is one killed, 4 injured one very seriously.

Condolences to the family, colleages and friends of the fallen, a speedy recovery to the injured.

Dreadful news again.

RIP to our fallen comrade.
Great start to a Monday.


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