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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Ah memories! When it got wet it quadrupled in weight and your shoulders started to droop, only to be pulled back smartly as the stuff dried out and shrank!
  3. Remember all the cr@p you had to fit in the largepack!

    1. PT Kit (Inc Trainers)
    2. Spare combats
    3. Chinky suit
    4. Spare boots
    5. Doss bag

    How the Fcuk did we manage that?
  4. We had an instr during basic who insisted the maggot bag went on top of the large pack. In a waterproof bag obviosly. All well & good until you had to go prone & it pushed against your tin hat forceing your face into the ground. Staring down the sights of your SLR was impossible. The biggest thing I hated on them were them stupid little hooks which attached to the front of the yolk. A right fcuker to attach at 3 o b@stard in the morning when bugging out in the p1ssing hard rain.

    Regards LT.
  5. Equally unlucky was the poor sod who got to carry the A41. Same detail - except it hurt a lot more as the frigging radio leapt up out of its harness to clobber your tin lid.
  6. ah radios and 58, unhappy memories. SSM said it would make a man of me, made a feckng moaner instead.
  7. If you look on the link, picture 3 of 4 looks like David Walliams camping it up in his 58! So swish!

    Used to love trying to fit the kit list they gave you into the pouches and large pack.... always used to have problems with the trainers!! Wasn't it boot cleaning kit in rear left kidney pouch??

    Also remember during basic training we had our 58 maggots swapped for the new sleep system.... bouncing bombs on top of larry large packs is probably quite funny to someone watching, but not to the bloke carrying it!

    P.S. someone nick this blokes SMG or is he playing "army"? Or do you think they said they would add it in photoshop lol
  8. Actually I reckon he's pretending to do a RVD check like any good 3 romeo'd up solider would. :wink:
  9. That just sent a shiver down my spine. Memories of getting kicked in the legs whilst in the prone position for not maintaining a proper fire position was a regular occurance. Trying to look up and feeling the wet grimy cam cream encrusted chin strap of your battle bowler digging into your neck as the weight of your gonk bag pushed your head down. Misery. I remeber the hooks. Remeber having to hook them on and flip it over your head ?
    And how the fcuk did we cope with those hairy mary shirts, green nylon socks, puttees and no fcuking roll mat ?And shaving the cam cream stubble off your boat race using a mess tin, cold water and a 3 piece razor. Followed of course by the obligatory beasting for missing a bit.(running across a ploughed field in the monsoon like rain with an SLR above your head )
    I used to love going on excersise when I was a crow.
  10. As well as those long jhons with the trap door on the arrse !!! I learnt the hard way never to crap through the trap door !!!! Nothing worse than a rolled up well baked compo turd tumbling down the inside of your long johns leg. Did,nt mind the KF shirt & wooly pully too much. At least they were warm when they were,nt wet !! I only had to suffer puttees for about 6 months though. thank fcuk.

    Regards LT.
  11. When I left the Army in 1993 I actually handed in a pair of putties and a pair of DMS boots. As I was in when the change over to BCH came in we were only ever issued one pair of BCH.

    ****** in the stores tried to bill me for a second pair of boot. Was he pissed of when he could not find them on my 1157.

    I still had the black plimsoles, string vest and under pants, suitcase etc.
  12. Happy Days!!!
    Our Company commander thought it a good idea for us all to have a second poncho roll [remeber them?] in which to put our NBC kit. This sat above the kidney pouches [so named because your mess tins would cause them serious damage if you fell over] this would then raise the large pack even higher!!
    But, it gets better, as the issue scale was only one poncho roll per man, we had to buy the b######s ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. one springs to mind in germany mid 80's, a guy was packing his active edge kit in his large pack and was putting it away by throwing it in his top box, one of the hooks caught his nose and gripped his nostril wide open! we got him to the med centre once we'd stopped laughing :roll:
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Obviously Franklin are at the cutting edge of marketing their current products. Didn't know they made the old NBC suits and S6 resi's. :)
  15. Don't forget the spare NBC suit.