Blast from the past

Some years ago when I was a happy singley I had a brief passionate affair with a married woman, I am not proud of it but she was up for it with a bit of rough and i fitted the bill. Anyway I had put the memories of her into the back of my mind only to be recalled in times of real emergency when self abuse is required Doris away,good quality porn not available, cant get Polly pic up on ARRSSE. I am attending a meeting next week to be chaired by, yep it is her,I recognised the name, made a few enquiries and confirmed it is her.

Any others had similar situations?
I remember a local slapper that worked her way round the garrison before marrying a jacket

Anyway years laterI start seeing a girl that turns out to be her sister, she paniced when we met as I said I remembered her, luckly though I never touched, treasured my bits far to much for that.

As a footnote she ended up marrying one of the subleterns in my unit, oh what a day it was when she wandered into the unit lines, all dressed prim and proper in tweed, just to bump into various toms than had been through her, her intended kept saying "you're very quiet darling" wonder why ? :D
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