Blast damages important Shia shrine - How will Shiites react

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. From the BBC
    Quick Summary:
    The Askariyah shrine, sacred to Shiiites, honours 3 Imams or holy descendants of the Prophet: they are Ali al-Hadi, Hasan al-Askari, and his disappeared son Muhammad al-Mahdi. Thousands of Shiiites demonnstrated in Samarra and in East Baghdad, against this desecration. Also Ayatollah Sistani has declared 7 days of mourning for descration to the shrine.

    Possible consequences:
    1) Definite increase in Shiite and Sunni tensions - forget the American hope to widen the national government - this will solidify sectarian divisions in the short term.
    2) Everyone favourite Iranian - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is heavily influenced by Shiite millenarian thought and could use the outrage to stir up further trouble in Iraq.
    3) Have no doubt the allies will get blamed for this in some way.
    4) The stock of Moqtatda al Sadr will continue to rise.
  2. Despicable :evil: I wonder if all those who protested about some cartoons are going to say anything to condemn this? I doubt it :roll:
  3. Even without the feared consequences, I agree that this is despicable, just as was the destruction of the Ferhadija mosque in Banja Luka and the damage and destruction to Orthodox holy places in Kosovo.
  4. From what I heard on the bbc news this morning part of the blame is being placed on the Americans; Firstly, for not apprehending the terrorists, and Secondly, for causing the terrorists to need to take such drastic action. Some people.
  5. According to BBC radio 2 at lunch time, there has already been reprisal attacks on sunni shrines. Round and round and round it goes......etc. I'm not suprised that our glorious allies have copped the blame and no doubt we will by default.
  6. Unless cooler heads prevail things will get very ugly. Reports are some 20 Sunni mosques have been destroyed, including one in
    Basra. Sadr's militia is out in the streets. The IA has been deployed to sunni neighborhoods.
  7. Wait for it; someone will claim it was actually a CIA Black Propoganda Op.
    The scarey thing is, some people would believe him.

    edited , leave the racial invective out of it - PTP
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    At least for the moment they are knocking each other off instead of soldiers.
  9. With Moqtada Al Sadr now swearing revenge on the 'militants' (read Sunnis) and no doubt winning much shiite aclaim for his 'swift response' :roll:
    Does his immunity deal still stand, say if he and his men slaughter a whole load of innocent Sunnis?
  10. Personaly iId let the two factions fight it out whilst recording it, and give the footage to the NOTW and see whether they publish it and describe it as "shocking"
  11. Puts a couple of sketches into perspective. How can Muslims proclaim jihad against the West when they can't even agree amongst themselves. Civil War is a possibility if calm heads do not prevail. Andthey aren't noted for that are they?
  12. That might be an option if thee weren't thousands of innocent civilian bystanders to get in the way. There are often very few simple options in life.
  13. The minute we leave Iraq there is going to be a civil war its unavoidable the south will become part of Iran the Kurds will break away and form Kurdistan and the Sunni's will be left in the middle. What will be left a massive power vacuun which Iran will try to fill.
  14. i somehow think that there would be few innocent civilian bystanders given how mad these people can get over a few cartoons, burning mosques will get even more fighting between the main two factions in Iraq
  15. Can't remember them creating such a fuss, when the Serbs decided that there were a few too many muslims there.

    The muslims, seem to have also forgotten that we went there to protect them as well.

    Or doesn't this count ?