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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Dewarenne, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. New to Arrse - long time reader first time poster etc. Been out since last year and found the market a tad... difficult to say the least. Various resettlement agencies were not particularly useful, in that they weren't that aware of industries etc and arenas for potentially moving into. It all boiled down to "why not try The City or a management job"?

    So, why the post? I've used a few recruiters out there with a great many a bit confused by an Army CV (LOTS of misconceptions. Leadership and Army not being in the same sentence for example [...countdown for incoming Rupert comments] and assuming all we do is "dig holes and shoot [civvies]" - I wish that was not an actual quote, but sadly...

    Anyway, the Forces recruiters seem focused in various areas. The one I've had most dealings with is Force Select and I wondered if anyone else had used them or had any experience with other agencies or Force Select themselves and what feedback you might have.

    I've whacked this comment into the sticky post at top o' page, but wanted to see what everyone else's recent experience was like (Sticky posts don't get read that often I've found). Currently I am between jobs and want to see what options are out there. Dabbled in Finance recruiting since leaving and it's a tough industry and certainly tricky for ex-forces (Finance AND recruiting!)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Search for 'Forces' on LinkedIn; there are at least two groups there specialising in ex-Service personnel.
  3. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I have been out twenty years and made a successful self-employed career, now with 14 employees. Times may have been easier twenty years ago; However my point is that 99% of ex servicemen feel the need to be employed when the real money is in self employment. I have used well in my business the many skills I learned while travelling through the ranks and believe me they actually work, just as well outside as they do within the military. Perhaps you should take a broader view, there is money to be made with your own endevours, most definitely!
  4. I spent a lot of time creating a standard CV making sure that it used civvy terms rather than military. I could then change this CV around to emphasize those parts which were most relevant to the job I was applying for.

    My trade in the RN was Writer which, to be honest, did not really prepare me for a job outside other than Office Manager. I wasn't really interested in that. However, using the term "manager" to search on job websites was useful. It can be surprising how many jobs it might be possible for you to do. I took a chance applying for one vacancy and I now work as a Facilities Manager. Yes, I have had to learn a lot of things, mainly technical, but I got the job mainly because I had management experience and was able to show that I was capable of learning.
  5. As above, few guys I know are in Facilities/Property/Maintenance/H and S management, they are the sort of busy and ever changing roles that would need a confident manager to co-ordinate multiple disciplines as he/she would have done, as a senior rank specifically.

    Some good courses for around the grand mark, NEBOSH, IOSH ect, throw in your first aid, a bit of Prince2 and you should be able to at least sell yourself professional abilities at interview level.
  6. I've just helped someone do theirs - make sure you put in skills such as using PowerPoint and other software (as long as you have those skills!) and chuck in the kind of budgets / value of kit that you were responsible for.