blanket punishment

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RAID, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. hi would just like to know as for the last 10 years of me being in the army.
    has anyone ever heard of blanket punishment.
    is it true. and dos it happen in your unit.

    as i think this is what is going on in the unit that iam at well sqn should i say???
  2. I always thought it was the comfey chair and soft cushions cardinal.
    apologies to Monty Python fans.
  3. I've not experienced it, but Puttees Senior has mentioned it in the past. As I understand, the term relates to a soldier being jailed and stripped of all his belongings except for the blanket in which he sleeps (and clothes himself). In the absence of sheets, the hairy army blanket forms the physical part of the punishment. The soldier is punished mentally because he's deemed unfit to wear his uniform.

    From what I've heard, it was a punishment particularly suited to "refusing to soldier."

    Wasn't there an example of this in "The Hill?"
  4. E block MCTC
  5. Is the whole unit paying for the actions of a particular junior individual? Or is it simply because your CO/OC got a bad write up from the last tour/Ex and has decided to take it out on the lads who've done nothing to deserve it?

    Either way its always entertaining when it happens to somebody else!
  6. i would just like to say. that the unit i am at. is NOT mctc.
  7. I wouldn't have thought guests of MCTC would normally have Gimpernet access.
  8. i thought that was what messes were about?
  9. its the whole sqn for this junior individual. an this has not come from the OC/CO its come from the admin sgt. who is a fat stinking fella who dos not know how to run a troop.
  10. THAT sort of blanket! Duh! :oops: Collective.
  11. Signals? This sounds familiar....
  12. ha ha ha sorry mate should of put collective
  13. What did the blanket do to deserve punishment?
    How has it offended you?
    Has it been wet?

    In which case the only fitting punishment would be to call it a wet blanket, and ridicule it, infront of a group of other blankets for not beng able to hold a crease!
  14. Was it Signals? I only ask as something similar happened to my entire Regiment a few years ago in the Fatherland.
  15. no mate its mixed capbadge rlc an medics