Blanket pardon of "deserters" in WW 1.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mad_mick, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Just curious, they're having a kickaround of this subject on the Matleots page but I cannot find a thread on ours. I think it's a seriously overdue subject but I cannot see how a basically "Army orientated" (hell, we pulled the triggers) subject could be missed by us. My decision is YES (no discussion there!). Why not, it will some give families a sense of closure.
  2. Well, although I agree with you I want hold my breath.

    Especially if that short little fat man farrah hockley has his dick in the pie.


    We cannot and should not pardon soldiers shot for desertion during WW1 or WW2.

    Even If it is proven they were ill ie. shellshock, ptsd.

    It would send the wrong signal to the troops.

    End quote.

    If a recently retired general is incapable or even worse does not give a fcuk of understanding the effects of ptsd etc its not surprising the MOD have the same attitude??????????
  3. Link to this story?
  4. Today's soldiers will never face the death penalty so his argument is void. There should be a review of evidence and the sick should be pardoned.
  5. A recent court case where the family of a soldier executed for desertion, although medical documents show his condition as we now know PTSD, wanted him pardoned and was upheld.

    Farrar-Hockley was intervied by the reporter after the case outside the court (I believe).

    I shall go to the bbc and itv but I wont hold my breath.
  6. When other WWI soldiers were pardoned I wondered if a pardon meant that the soldiers had been forgiven their crime or that they had in fact committed no crime.

    I still haven't worked out the answer.
  7. Wah.
    Those executed in WW1 were pardoned en-masse in 2006.
    Anthony Farrar-Hockley died in 2006.
  8. Counter wah

  9. Counter counter wah

    That article is dated Mar 17, 1998.

    Catch up, only 10 years behind.
  10. What year is this then?

    Or wish I hadn't had that extra gin then I wouldn't have made a complete tosser of myself. Can you catch Svenliness?
  11. Thanks for that. Justice has been served, surprised I had missed it first time round.
  12. As I remember one of the arguments between historians at the time of the pardon, was that within those who were executed were some genuine bad boys who had committed what were at the time capital crimes, (rape, murder, etc), but for whatever reason were tried in a millitary rather than a civil court.

    By failing to acknowledge that fact, a general pardon was morally suspect. I am sorry but I cannot now find any of these discussions on the inter-web

    The MOD said that it could not revisit all the trial transcripts, so the general pardon was granted to all the executed men Almost a case of 'God will know his own', in reverse'.
  13. my bold.

    Actually his father tony died in 2006.

    Tony had two sons, one become a general.

    If you read your second link to the last sentence all will be revealed.

    edited to add.

    He Dair was around bielefeld and the big building during the 80's and 90's.

    surprised some of you missed him?????????????????????????????
  14. You miss the point, this man was a serving general in HM Forces until 200?.

    With that attitude "and the man in charge" how do you think the MOD and recognition of ptsd did not exist until this baboon retired????????????????????????