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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by saladin, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I've just seen an item on the BBC website about a bloke being done for the possession of illegal firearms, to whit a blank firing revolver and two gas cartridge pistols.

    I know they tightened up on the sale of blank-firers - but I did not realise that they had made possession of the old style ones illegal ?
  2. If used in a public place they are classed as fire arms.
  3. These were in his house tho - Police called when baliffs found them while assessing the value of property post Bankrucpy or some such.
  4. Gas cartridge = a CS discharging weapon, commonly sold on the continent for self defence with few restrictions. However in the UK they are classed as a Section 5 prohibited weapon.
  5. More likely a Brocock TAC. Most journalists and police don't know a s1 from a s5, an air pistol from a CS gun or air catridge gun. A gun is a gun and is an arrest, and allows them to claim that they are tackling gun crime by going after non-guns and their hapless owners.

    When blank firers became illegal, you coul have grandafther rights on them, but you had to prove/satisy the authorities if asked that you acquired them before the ban. What happened with Brocock TACs was as long as you applied for a firearm certificate, and was granted one, you could own them without any other conditions, but you could not sell, transfer, loan them and effectively had to buried with them in your own pyramid. But the ban was not at all well publicised outside the club circuit, and not every airgun user is in a club, or even reads the sport press.

    So, once again, a harmless blank firer and a not very good airgun (as any TAC owner will testify), not being used illegally, will see its owner facing 5 years in jail. Stalin and Adolf would be proud
  6. Thanks. Another "firearms" case recently was some old boy, terrorised by local neds who made the mistake of coming to the door with a deactivated rifle.

    .....and in a social conversation with a local plod I discoverd that he was convinced that airguns had already been banned in Scotland....
  7. I'll be in possession of a blank firing weapon if the op goes ok on Friday! :cry:
  8. eh?

    Loads of possible charges but I don't think that's actually law as you describe it!
  9. Go out in town with a blank firing gun and let me know when you get out!!!
    I will keep all my firearms airguns and deacts locked away unless I have permission to use them on private land,oh that will be my brothers farm!
    Choice is yours!
  10. Reading the article, you are quite right. Air cartridge airgun, so section 1. Not quite clear what offence he could have committed with a blank firer; perhaps it was of a type that could be 'readily converted'?

    This chap hardly sounds like a danger to society. It's yet another example of how the 'absolute offences' in Firearms law leave the courts with little room for the application of common sense and judgement.

    BBC News
  11. so you think they're not firearms until you take them out in public? The relevant term is "readily convertible" and it matters not a fig where you have one in your possession.
  12. Self contained Air Cartridge weapons went to Section 5 as I recall. If they were section 1 you could buy and sell them.
  13. No. I had 2 SCAC* rifles on my last FAC on s.1. (special conditions applied) No sale, loan or transfer, basically.

    They ended up in Croydon Nick when I gave up shooting.

    If/when they realise the licensing system is a waste of time with all this good gun/bad gun bolleaux, and start licensing the individual, not the gun I might take up shooting again. And when the useless fcukers of the NRA are all dead, too.

    *SCAC=Self contained Air Cartridge. The Home Office's ludicrous legal definition of an 'eeeevill!' type of air weapon :x :roll:

    EDIT: When I first looked at the link, the pic did not load. I now see it's Dave Courtney. (ex) Gangster?

    Mind you, he got off a real crime when HM Customs tried to pot him for involvement in a cocaine smuggling ring, so I don't think this will worry him too much.

    Anyway, someone who moves in the circles he claims to (which I've had my doubts about) wouldn't fcuk about with converting BFs and SCAC/TACs. If we are to believe the HO/Police propaganda, his mates could sort out a real Gat for him in half an hour, couldn't they?

    Dave Courtney has always struck me as a bit of a Gangster Walt. No threat to society unless people die laughing. And he's not funny enough for that.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You can be prosecuted for actions likely to cause distress under the VCRA rather than a firearms offence. The funny thing is that you can act within the firearm laws and still break the VCRA especially if using a starter pistol to train your gundog!
  15. Doesn't the offence of affray cover 'actions likely to cause distress'?
    (maximum sentence for affray is Life, IIRC)

    Or does affray require tedious procedures like witness statements and evidence to be gathered, rather than just opinion of a plod who has been brainwashed by HO propaganda?

    What evidence would be required to make a prosecution under the VCRA stand up in court, and why is a prosecution for affray not sufficient?

    Shooting sports entusiasts. They will get you all in the end!