Blank ammo and pyro

I’m lead to believe the KGVI course qualifies people to run exercises, use blank ammo and some pyro. My question is, with the new laws on previous threads (TA etc), what does this mean for the Cadets?
It means you are fecked.
It means that you just have to start storing more of it in your loft.
My understanding (I'm TA not Cadets) from a conversation with an SASC(V) officer is that there is no change to the qualification requirements for Cadet Instructors, provided cadet weapons are being used (I assume he meant the Cadet GP and poss LSW).

The reason for the question was that I was supposed to be helping out a local cadet unit. Thus the Cadet Officers are able to plan Blank training albeit for their cadets, but I could not for my soldiers (or indeed cadets) until I do a course.
Adamk, it's that attitude that has caused the rules to change, people being blase' when it comes to it's use. There has been to many incidents using pyro and the likes, because people like yourself think it's fun and games and then operate outside the safety boundries!
By meaning blank ammo is blank ammo suggests that this should have already been thought about years ago. I believe the same strict regulations should apply to all. By having inconsistency it creates uncertainty which is potentially dangerous. However, I also believe that the system is very bureaucratic. One rule for all, one course and all sorted.
That really is my issue. A blank round will not distinguish between a soldier and a cadet. So why are the courses so different? Possibly due to the usage and the nature of things – cadets don’t have BFAs and automatic fire.
Adamk1976 said:
The whole system is mad. Blank ammo is blank ammo!
Exactly what do you mean by that?

Blank SAA has been the cause of many incidents in the past and the reason why many changes have come in.
Adamk1976 said:
The whole system is mad. Blank ammo is blank ammo!
Ludicrous isn't it? Blank's are harmless after all. I mean, how many of us have taped thunderflashes to our faces and struck the striker? Laugh, I nearly bought a round.

You've never served have you?
This is probably slightly retarded, but wouldn't BFAs make things safer, Adamk? I thought that that kind of thing would stop idiot 14 year olds having a blank ND into their mate's face.
Oh good, another thread aout this – we haven’t done that lately, have we? :roll:

In simple terms, for those of you who are hard of thinking, the Cadet Forces have the KGVI Course, which qualifies Officers and CFAVs to plan and conduct training using blank ammunition (with Cadet weapons) and some pyrotechnics. Therefore, there is no requirement for them to attend anything like a SA (M) 07 course.

Up until Oct 07, the Regular and Territorial Army never had any requirement to be trained in the planning and conducting of blank firing exercises. In simple terms, 2Lt Fcukwit could happily take his chaps out into the Ulu and cause havoc with blank and pyro.

Obviously, in this H&S age, that's not acceptable and actually, all the SA (M) 07 Course does is bring the Army in line with Cadets (scary!)

If you have a problem with it, take it up with DInf. I’m sure he’d love to hear all about it.

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The cadet GP is safe without the BFA because they should be lying down when firing and the safety distances should be in place. The army obviously assaults positions and fire's on the move, BIG difference!

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