Blanford and bikes (Phase2)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheMetal, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. finish my phase 1 at pribright this friday and am considering buying a bike (pushbike) for a little extra phys on the weekends just wandering what the rules are about them and if you're even alowed them

    considering you're allowed cars im guessing bikes wont be a problem
  2. Learning to spell Blandford properly might help your career in the Corps too! :evil:
  3. Bikes aren't allowed at Blandford Forum; something to do with the RSM's phobia of trouser clips.

    Neither is posting the same thread twice.
  5. No bikes allowed due to H&S. As someone somewhere oneday MAY have an accident. Therefore no bikes = no accidents ever, thus cutting down on possible paperwork oneday..
  6. Best bet would be to wait until you get to Blandford I reckon then read part one orders and that sort of thing
  7. I think you might find c-i-g is correct, and seeing he is there, he would know best.
  8. Seriously ?


    Shakes head.....
  9. I doubt it. I don't think there is any correlation between bicycles and accidents on camp, to be honest. I suspect civi-in-green was being a tad sarcastic. In a camp where we drive landrovers, terminate electrical wiring rigs, climb towers, knock seven shades of shiite out of earthspikes and so on, the mortal danger of cycling around camp at weekends is probably on the minor side.
  10. No no no no no...It has been band.
    Once at band camp a bloke got a fly in his eye and ploughed into the SOinC(A)s parking space..Ok his car was not there but it was enough to put the willies up even the most hardened Health and Safety Rep.....

    The MOD policeman now has the power to seize push bikes on site and have them crushed..

    I saw MOD plod take a toddlers push bike the other day and puncture his tyres...I thought the MACE spray a little out of order mind..
  11. Ha...that'll serve him right for crying. :twisted:
  12. If I was RSM, I'd have them running round camp, the fitness of phase 2's coming from there is shocking..............

    Are you drinking with them PD? :D
  13. Seriously yes just buy a BIG padlock.
  14. As a phase 2 no! anyway you should be marching around arms locked out at the elbow, chins up, heels heels heels
  15. As a phase 2 no! anyway you should be marching around arms locked out at the elbow, chins up, heels heels heels