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Blandfords school of fighting is getting a make over

Blandfords premier pub/club Tiffanys is to be given a make over.
Its going to be given a theme!
Believe it or not its going to be given an army theme with pictures of Apache helicopters and chally tanks (just like we have in blandford camp!?!?!!).
Heard this from a very reliable source.
Maybe they should give it a theme with dolphines and whales, and play their aquatic songs from the deep to put all the angry, tyson wannabees into a more mellow mood.
Or a corner where small, fat sweaty, sexually confussed women can sit and pretend they are gay whilst staring at all the men who dont have webbed fingers
I'll bet the makeover is to increase the space behind the bar so the stunning lovelies who work there can squeeze past each other without the use of grease/fairy liquid. :D :D

Oh, and it's a good excuse to sneak a few pence onto the price of watery p1ss or whatever it is they serve. :wink:
Hope I never get to go back there, but if I do get sent back, I suppose it'll be a change. Having said that, I can't remember what its like in there anyway, on account of being far too p issed. :p
It’s the only safe place to drink in town at the weekend when it is busy. No-body else has licensed door staff to stop the w@nkers kicking off like they do at the railway.
Talked to the owner about the changes and he is adamant there will be no price rise on the beer and he is thinking about doing special deals for squaddies on rooms once he has finished refurbishing them.
The pictures that he is going to put up is not going to be just squaddie ones, but classic cars etc as well.
Think they are just trying to change the place to make it decent and make a decent bar in town for old bold lads to swap war stories. I do know there was a change in the ownership last year and that is why the DJ box moved and extensive work is ongoing.
Yes, believe it or not Tiffs has it as well. So does the front bar but it does not stay open till stupid o'clock.

It is rumored that the Railway has been warned about the trouble there and to get door staff after 11p.m. which it has not yet done. Good Quality fights though. Just watch if you get caught up in one as that is the pub that the druggies use,you don't want to catch something.
bowman_guru said:
Talked to the owner about the changes and he is adamant there will be no price rise on the beer and he is thinking about doing special deals for squaddies on rooms once he has finished refurbishing them.
Special deals on rooms? Sound more like Kings Cross than Blandford. Do they do them by the hour?
Its comments like that that stop people doing deals for us and helping us out.
I think its great that someone is willing to help squaddies out and to look after them.
Lighten Up BG. At the end of the day, they're all after your money, and a mild fun poke on here isn't going to hurt a fly. Thats unless you have a personal interest? At least as you say the ownership changed, because the previous fella was an arrse. I laughed heartily when he got put on his backside at a Sysex do in there a good few moons back.
Guru, not saying you are wrong, but I think you might be confused as to who you mean, Gordon never used to go in there. (Previous guy) as he lived either in Poole or Swanage, can’t remember. But he was never in there in a night. Yes, I prop the bar up far too regularly..... Not sure why I bit at the comment before, feel a bit of a tit for having done so. Sorry woohoo
Not sure youd get a good nights kip above tiffs.
Got a room in kings for new year 2005, that wasnt too bad!
I got a discount from £37 to £15 a night for me and the missus. That was with en suite.
Like to see them beat that.
The Kings used to be fcuking superb till it got all jazzed up. There were only 3 of us squaddies went in there and it was great. Used to play Pool, quiz and footy for the Kings. Ace.
the_guru said:
You will, if you do a full 22, be sucked back by the Tractor Beam that is Blandford. Brace yourself.
My last Blandford exped was Sgts course, and on account of having a hole in my arrse, I don't think I'll ever have to do my WO course! I might consider going back there if they give the place LOA status :p

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