Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BLOODY_TIPRAT, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. WTF

    Since when did a Full screw that sits behind a ******* desk out rank another full screw!!!!

    As of this morning all persons on a course at Blandford of the rank Full Corporal or Below must now MARCH to trade. FFS they wonder why people in this morale vacuum are hanging themselves (note to self this thread will soon be deleted for saying something true) its because they are jiffed about without just cause.

    Oh and as of NOW 264/216 flat caps are banned get them reshaped boys. I know it has already been said on other threads but hasnt the bosses here got bigger things to worry about than a military tradition that has gone on for ages??????????

    So to summarise Blandford has now applied to the relevant boards to have a new rank structure approved and it loks likes this:

    L/Cpl - Apparently
    Cpl - Means Fcuk all
    Cpl + Desk - Ahhh feel the power
    Sgt - Brew Bitch
    SSgt - Required more admin skills
    WO2 - The daddy
    WO1 - Bone idle OC's at Blandford

  2. Shite I nearly forgot also:

    Do not call the sprogs:
    1. Sprogs
    2. Crows
    3. Nigs
    4. Toms
    5. Kids
    and the list goes on from now on they are to be reffered to as phase 2 trainees. If it was good enough for me to be called a sprog (some would argue that I still am :lol: ) then surely they can stand it???

    Oh and because another thread mentioned the unfortunate incident mentioned above in another thread and apparently said that it pissed them off beacuse it meant there would be more duties, an independant website is now monitored by the cadre at Blandford. Surely there is admin to sort out before our next 0800hrs parade where we just laugh at you and your RD nig syndrome.
  3. WELL SAID THAT MAN, sorry mate, didnt realise someone had already atarted this thread, see also Blandford what a joy, hadn't seen the new rank structure before but it sounds about right.
  4. Well said that man. Hasnt the hierachy of blandford realised in one fell swoop they have lost the respect of EVERY upgrader. Hmmmmm i wonder, will troop cadre/permanent staff be marching round.
  5. It seems like every week there is a new thread dedicated to the development of the soldiers mind at Blandford. Unfortunatley the development is going into a downward spiral. The marching of all upgrades to and from work, its a bit of a joke isnt it! There are soldiers on their upgraders course who have up to 19 years reconable service under their belt, and they are being told they have to march round the camp like they have been in 19 months....WRONG!!!! I feel for you guys! Especially when the 'Phase 2 Trainees' as they are now to be called, saunter around the camp like they own the place. This is just another knock of moral for the camp. :x Obviously there needs to be some level of discipline and order on the camp, but I dont think this is the answer.

    If this trend keeps happening, then who are the squadrons going to have to help with all the exercises they are trying to run. They are always looking for volunteers for the exercises that are put on.I dont have a problem with giving my time up to pass on some knowledge of specific subjects I have to the recruits, I think its a good idea to keep them actively intrested in the militry side of things and not just trade. But I've already seen names scrubbed off a voulenteer list for an up coming exercise, soon there wont be enough people volunteering to go on the ex and the sqn will have to start dicking people for it, another kick in the boll*cks for us! Surely they would rather have motivated volunteers than disgruntled p*ssed off soldiers for the weekends.
    So the sqn hierarchies need to start coming out of their corners and backing us with our concerns instead of turning a blind eye!

    On the 216/264 beret shaping, I know someone who has gone to the trouble of getting queens regs and AGAI's out to find out where it states what shape a beret should be. Apparently it says nothing in any of them. CO, explain YOUR problem with them, does it affect your daily duty :?: And why just pick on the 'flat-cap' lads? Have you seen some of the pasties that the 'Phase 2 Trainees' and even some of the officers are wearing?!

    This thread requires attention by someone of authority!

  6. Speaking for myself I have pulled myself of everything that I HAD volunteered for.

    The Army is a game as we are contantly being told, if they don't play, neither will I.
  7. Why should 264/216 have different shape berets? They have a set of wings that show they have done a course worth recognition. As for pulling out of all of the upcoming events organised by the Sqn, crack on, but as you say they will just dick other people and your CR will reflect your attitude, so you'll be the loser in the long run. Let's just play the game, it'll all blow over soon, it's just another knobhead stamping his mark on his new trainset.
  8. Maybe this was a bit strong to the CO, possibly someone is pulling the strings from a little higher up than you, but I still stand by the quote. Maybe we should all be a bit more worried at the fact trainees, phase 2 and 3, are being allowed to leave into the field army not being able to pass the basic requirements of a soldier. BPFA ,BCFT, etc.
  9. just thought id reply to the thread asking bout troop cadre marching as whilst, walking (not marching to my lunch.....well not this lifetime anyway) saw one of the troop cadre bimbling along as usual so cpl's marching obviously just applies to us, no suprise there then. obviously the troop must have received a signal from mcm div tasking them with reducing the number of class 2/1 techs in the corps therefore solving they're problem of overmanning. i was wondering y it was necessary to blanket punish over a hundred corporals for one dude eating a pie walking back from the shop on sunday!!!!!! ah it all becomes for sending a cpl to inspect my bunk, he's welcome to try if he fancies being physically ejected!!!!
  10. daz

    daz LE

    :twisted: Oh dear, its the wingers room is it :twisted:

    Having to march around the camp, Oh dear, how unbecoming, should be banned, yer right.

    8 sigs had the upgraders marching around, and room inspection etc, so why not Blandford, :twisted: , perhaps show parades all round should sort some of the cry babys out, :twisted:

    Either put up with it until you return to your unit, or PVR instead :twisted:

  11. Well its all good and well comparing us to the GOOD OLD DAYS but things change..its called if people dont have enough to deal with but it would be nice to be treated like we actually are adults. after all, its sposed to prepare you for life in a working unit....and the units ive been to are not like this place...nuff said
  12. Well said beerkeg, Daz think you picked the wrong day to start reminising about the good old days. During those times you got what you expected and delt with it, and you always had the fact that the trainees had it worse. The times they are a changing, its not the 1970's anymore.
  13. Daz, you miss the point.

    People are complaining because we are here on courses and have to march to work, yet the troop cadre don't. We are the same rank as them, if the new man in charge wants to get a cockstand about all Fullscrews and below marching around camp then great we'll do it, but only if it is ALL OF THE FULLSCREWS.

    The cadre full screws are no better than upgraders, in fact a lot (though I know not all) of them are fat/downgraded/whingers (some all 3)!
  14. There are so many things wrong with Blandford I cant even be arrsed to say anything, which is a shame as im posted there shortly. :cry:
  15. Why stop at full screws when everyman from the Sgts mess just strole to work, wear what ever smock they can find out of the box in there rooms.

    Lets face it everyone gets away with what ever they can when they can. But when someone tuggs the rains a little most just winge?

    count the days we are at blandford "play the game" and then get out of there