blandford - whats it like?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. hey just any info on blandofrd would help about rooms and facilities etc.anything really thanks a lot
  2. well it seems to change alot but heres what i know....

    its usually 10 man rooms a flat nco an upgrader will look after you... sometimes you wont see him for weeks tho. relatively new rooms 1999 i think.

    facilities are pretty good, internet and sky tv in the wrvs, bowling alley cinema and the toucan bar where you can have 2 cans of ale a night.

    you will be too busy revising for your tests and pressing your kit tho wont you. theres a good lad!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    What trade are you? looking at ya previous posts you were going Wobbly... won't spend too much time in B'ford if you still are.

    Is ok, worse places to be. Poor phone coverage and transport. Is a training location so expect all the fun that comes with one of them.
  4. you are only there for about half a year- a year. dont worry about it. its nothing like your real unit... youll have a better time out of training. so try not to think about blandford too much.

    good luck, and when they ask you where you wanna go say germany if you like a laugh and a good adventure or england if you like going home all the time.

    just focus on surviving blandford.
  5. blandford is ok....lots said before...but you absolutely must frequent the g spot if it is still there and if you are still allowed lol....
  6. The G spunk is no more. It changed the carpets and its name and then got closed down. I heard rumours a while ago that somebody was looking to open it up again.
  7. no no no nnnooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    many a hippocrocopig succome to my charms and bottomless devestated and may well start sobbing uncontrollably....
    is tiffany's still there....the dirty dog...the 3 choughs?? oh all my yesterdays
  8. I just finished at Blandford its 10 man rooms if u are in 1 squadron 2 and 3 are five man rooms and the blocks are much better the troop cadre will **** u around tho but if u stay outta trouble u will be ok try not 2 get agai charges and all that bolloks but have fun the town of blandford is ok but there aint many pubs better off goin 2 poole or bournmouth but thats gonna cost ya bit more anyway enjoy ur time there and buy a heat gun wateva u do lol
  9. Tiffs is still there and still has as many fat slags as ever. The Railway is now 24hr which means many short courses now consist of shifts of people taking notes while others sleep off the effects of staying there until twenty minutes before the cookhouse opens for breakfast. Choughs is still shit and full of local inbreds.
  10. the king charles in poole is good is l'whores ooops i mean l'tours...suppose thats gone too!
  11. On camp facilities are good, Blandford town is PUMP but not far to go and your in POOLE OR Bournemouth get in.

    accommodation= new stuff 10 man rooms slightly older stuff 4 man rooms but it's generally good.

    Cookhouse = as always chips with everything. Bowling alley but not for sprogs, cinema but is a month behind the normal cinema's.

    Spar is good, but a rip off, post office on camp. good gym. ENJOY bull sh!t central.
  12. Call me sick, but I like Blandford.......

    Better than St Athan in woolly back country where it is supposedly all ending up....

    No Dorset works for me, the camp is no better or worse than come to think of it , it is better than most.......or did I dream it.

    Must lay off sniffing flux........................Flux I said, flux.

    Look out for the snow..................... :thumright:
  13. its in the middle of nowhere!

    transport is a pain in the arse!
  14. I think you will find it’s the council that are wanting it re-opened, to get the trouble out of the town on a night time. It is not feasible for them to have it re-opened though. The non-domestic rates alone were sky high and taxi fares are stupid money now.

    I tried just about everything to keep it open, from free buses to drinks promotions but it was just not viable. People used to moan about the price of getting in, but this was due to the amount of money that had to be paid out.

    This is also the reason that the council keep refusing me planning permission for Tiff’s. If I had that I could completely rip the place apart and start again. As it is, my hands are tied.

    On a different note, I will be transforming the place eventually no mater what the council do and I am looking for buckshee military memorabilia to use in the bar. I will be using a lot of my own stuff that I have collected on my travels whilst in the Army but could use plenty more. Anything would be greatly received.
  15. Somebody once wrote Hell is the impossibility of Reason. That's what this place feels like. I hate it already and it's only been a week. Some goddamn week, grandma ...

    Apparently he was in Blandford when he said that.
    Good luck fella!