Blandford, What A Joy

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by weasel99, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Hmmm quick question before this thread and all the other rants to appear recently get pulled. Who's decions are all these, Is it the recent addition to our heirachy or is someone else pulling the strings.
  2. What anally-retentive tosseur tried to tell you that?
  3. all this has been passed down the "chain of command" apparently, oh and i forgot, from now on, twisters must be worn in combat trousers, therefore can anyone please tell me what those laces in the ankles of combats are for then ??? tossers
  4. The offending comment, if it was made at all (i check this quite regular and never saw it), was out of order but surely the site moderators should have delt with it. And Hmmmmm recent incidents only increased dutys for the permanent staff/duty of care NCO's. So WHY THE FECK grip people would have not had a reason to say it anyway.

    oh and remember people, its written at the bottom of every page.

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  5. It's micro-management at it's worst. Should a man at the top be worried about the shape of somebody's beret, or should he concern himself with the reason he has sprogs...sory,phase 2 trainees swinging from the rafters?
  6. did people not realise when they were comming to blandford what it would be like! myself comming from a flat cap sqn was in no doubt of the pettiness i would face whilst on my time at blandford.

    It has always been like this and it will probably always remain this way! sqaddies will always feel hard done by, but what has he actualy done!!!

    he hasnt broken into your house on christmas day and pissed on your kids, has he????

    he wants people to wear their hats 'his' way, and not look like a load of scruffy knobbers when mincing about the place (hence the marching)!!

    I can see where he is comming from!

    'you are judged by the company you keep' and that has always been the army way!!

    As for slagging off the troop cadre.. yeah! fair one!!!!!
  7. I personally think the boys should be able to wear there hats how they want...they earned the right didnt they?
  8. Beerkeg, I think he has, read again he 'came from a flatcap sqn'
  9. It aint always been this bad, Trainees are getting it easier than upgraders now. The only saving grace is instead of doing something drastic cos we dont like it we're mature/immature enough to gob off about it on arrse.

    Its only a bloody hat, when guys from 264 or 216 come here on courses are they going to have to reshape their berets for the duration of the course. As for marching around fair one he doesnt want us to look untidy, does that mean all the permanent staff will be marching around in a squad, how about all the other courses will they be on the marching route arms shoulder high, necks in back of the collar etc. And what about the officer i saw today walking through camp with his sleeves pushed up miami vice stylee.
  10. just to elaborate!!! wearing hats 'his way ( point one!!)
    having to march (point two) ie not looking like scruffy knobbers whilst mincing about!!

    if you still are having trouble understanding this basic english it may be about time you handed your uniform in at the gate and did one harry!!!!!
  11. marching has always been an army tradition!!!

    i dont think mincing has ever been!!

    Do you not know how to march??

    Do you not like being told what to do??

    are these questions a bit too tricky for you??

    Uniform at the gate before you go!!
  12. Whats Harry Mollzers?
  13. stella_rules wrote

    I hope that's a wah!!!

    For the uninitiated, a "Harry" is a term of endearment used by airborne types (in this case 264 or 216) to refer to a non-airbourn types. As in "Harry the hat", as in "Cr*p Hat".

    In case you hadn't noticed these types of soldier generally define you and each other by colour of said "hat". Sandy or Maroon good, Blue you have yet to prove yourself. Green then you've sort of proved yourself :wink:

    Any way to finish as Mollzers said, we all knew this place was going to be a ball ache, just mash out your time and get out of here!!!

    There are three types of people here, those that want to be here, and are anally retentive gimps and those who just want to get it cracked and get away on to a tour with the real soldiers. And the third group are me!!!