Blandford vs Catterick

Never did blandford but out of curiosity was it a good move to move the trg there.All pros and cons will be gratefully recieved
Scabs superb many night falling or getting pushed down the stairs
ducati916 said:
Scabs and the White Shops Wine bar where all the Cattrick top totty went, if you could call them that. :lol:
And Ariston pizza shop, which was the first place i ever saw making a kebab meat pizza. Quality.

Not been to Catterick, but it's a f*cking nightmare trying to get anywhere from Blandford. The town's alright for a small place. Plenty of pubs, although there's not much else to do. Close enough to Bournemouth, Poole and Salisbury for shopping and that though.
Never had a posting to Blandford . But have passed through visiting a mate and I agree it,s a t**t of a place to get around. No motorways in Dorset. Gimme Catterick any day.
scabs is now a lidel ...but there are plenty of bars that open to the early hours now in the garrison...and there is a drive thru mcdonalds. Blandford definately has the better weather though. sometimes as a scaley in catterick you have to scrap your way through 4 BG worth of pissed up infantry men on a friday night and if you escape that in one piece there is always the depot para or itc to stick in the boot!! character building stuff.
So I take it Catterick wins the brass got it wrong again barstewards I used to love sneeking into wrac block.
what were the boozers called in Richmond the one at the top of the Square. The Ariston was a top Chippie
boney_m said:
ducati916 said:
Scabs and the White Shops Wine bar where all the Cattrick top totty went, if you could call them that. :lol:
And Ariston pizza shop, which was the first place i ever saw making a kebab meat pizza. Quality.

Fcuk me that takes me back :D

Never forget a night in scabs, stagger out the place at 3, me and a mate failing to chat up some bint who travelled up from Leeds 8O whi was waiting for a mini bus while eating her chips and gravy in the middle of a large pudding that they strangly sold out of the club. We go t nowhere so my mate wanders off to that village between scabs and the garrison because he knew a couple of places that he could get a jump even at that time of the night

Class, pure class
I'd like to play absolute devils advocate and say neither - the corps missed a trick in giving up Harrogate.... wait, hear me out.

A town that the tourist information board takes great pride in telling all and sundry that it is the exact centre of mainland UK. Has the A1 next to it, has a train station with very regular connections to both York & Leeds - therefore the rest of the main network. Leeds/Bradford airport is a mere hop, skip and a jump away and to top it all the nightlife & shopping it top notch. Not to forget the surrounding countryside is pretty good too.

The buildings etc used to be p!sh but given the cash injection that Blandford has had in the last few years I really think the wrong choice was made. If we think about what's best about Catterick or Blandford then Harrogate has the best of both and worst of neither:

Blandford - decent nightlife, pretty good surrounding area, not overburdened with military - but in the middle of nowhere
Catterick - good connections to the rest of the world - but squaddyville extraordinaire

But we all know the decision was really made because the senior officers in the Corps (at the time) all have big houses in Dorset!!
Catterick was OK, Vimmy blocks were odd though cos the rooms were a lucky dip whether you would get a good one or a toilet...
Scabs was cack if you think about it but had lots of laughs there, cant believe that place shut down! Also that pub down the white shops the magic snot, if you were bored/skint the old geezers playing dominoes there were always good for drinks and blah stories on the weekend.
Only experience of blandford was getting sent on 5** course and getting RTU'd on day 1 due to own unit admin nightmare, and have to say the atmosphere was very different when I went - having to sleep in corrimecs didn't help though whats the accom like now its finished?
richmond pubs were ace compared to those pits in blandford! the golden fleece, the bishop blaize, cartoons, also had the colburn lodge partway between white shops and scabs, jonnies cafe for a fry up on a saturday morning any one else remember these places??
The Wine Bar (never worked out how it got its name),Colburn Lodge, Red Stripe in Scabs, Yorkshire puddings served at the snack bar down stairs. Usually followed by a block inspection the following morning. Catterick wins hands down. Why the fukc did we ever move to Blandford. It must have been an Orifice thing.
Its got to be Catterick if just for the A-1 away from the place,pulled on the town and ended up back at her parents place at West Witton just on the edge of the Dales,her Dad took one look at me and said 'fcuk off you spotty tw*t' my pleas of no cash as spent all on his daughter cut no ice,sodding longest,wettest walk of my life back to camp,I hope the cnut was hit by the foot and mouth.
Blandford any day!!!!
Catterick is a boil on the arse of humanity. Trust me I live there. Scabs has gone (thank Christ), and has, as mentioned, been replaced by a Lidl supermarket. Thereare several drinking establishments. Harrys, Louies (owned by the same person - thus a win-win situation), The Maginot, and a wine bar. Kebab shops abound, and the ubiquitous MacDonalds. Comparing Catterick and Blandford is like comparing frozen pizza. both are much of a muchness. Catterick has a profusion of Junior Squaddies and fights occur most nights in the "nite clubs". Testosterone and slappers, mixed with a wide variety of alcopops makes interesting watching. The Colburn "Walk of Shame" is entertaining first thing on a morning. To see a hungover squaddie in last nights clothes staggering home from the local council estate in time for parade, is a sight to behold. Blandford, although very pretty and chock full of good boozers suffers from a lack of good roads and an identity really. However a pissed squaddie is a pissed squaddie wherever he is, and the practice of getting the last GPS enabled Kebab on the way home will continue, whether it be from Harrys or from the Blandford Dancing Academy........ I prefer Gateshead.
DigitalGeek said:
Blandford, although very pretty and chock full of good boozers suffers from a lack of good roads and an identity really.
[Rant]I'm sorry i dont think 2 decent pubs in a town Blandford size equals chock full of decent boozers. Nelsons is a fantastic pub and greyhound is a good place for a quiet pint. The remainder of the pubs in Blandford serve overpriced sh1te beer, are full of monobrow bearing inbred neanderthals and the entertainment consists of bloody Blazing Squad on the video jukebox. Blandford forum is a village that has cut itself off from the rest of the south of england because its economy thrives on the fact that the backwater town council refuse licenses or planning permission for anything that will bring competition to the pubs run by the local brewery who put absolutely no effort into being decent pubs because they have no competition and garaunteed customers provided by the camp who have very few alternatives that dont involve 80 pound round trips in a taxi. Yet still the locals and the council act like they're doing us a favour by letting us be there when actually its our cash that is the only reason this town hasn't been flattened and turned into a fcuking great big shopping centre[/Rant]
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