Blandford to close?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Disco, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. From todays Dorset Echo

  2. about time :D
    move it to Cosford
  3. Some people have suggested that Catterick would be a good place to place our signals depot. What a strange thought.

    Gossip has insisted for years that Blandford was originally chosen as RSS/11 Sigs, because our Ruperts collectively own half of Dorset. Unfortunately this was to the detriment of the Toms, who mainly came from "oop north".

    But, hey, who notices the class system these days? We're all friends now aren't we?:wink:
  4. GO ON! If they do that I might be persuaded to go FofS, provided they don`t move it to an even more poky sh1tehole!
  5. Compared to the other 2 services, Blandford as a site is pretty strong, Fairly new buildings excellent CIS services. Training area and lots of room for expansion, however its drawbacks are,

    Poor location for travel (no local rail or motorway network)

    Very poor Instructor recruitment. Many slots remain vacant for extended periods. Local living is expensive (council tax etc)

    House prices are incredibly high. If Blandford is chosen the move package for the civil servants who come here will be huge, that is if they can also stump up enough to move here ( I doubt that, not on their wages)

    The duty rumour by the civvies is that Wales has put forward a bid to site the new TRI school of CIS. If a buisness partner can put forward a new rebuild bid that suits the purse holders then I see the CIS training moving.

    On a side note I heard that the move from Catterick to Blandford cost £6 million, RSS is much bigger and more high tech than 8 sigs was so a new move would probably be a lot more than £6 mil, so again a move may be out of financial reach unless a buisness partner is willing to take those costs onboard.

    Anyway there are many variables to consider, It will all come out of the wash next year boyo :roll:
  6. Fairly new buildings? Yes if you're a sprog. If you're a WO/SNCO it's bloody abysmal. If it goes ahead then it would be great to see a MAJOR refurb of the Sgts Mess accommodation. Well, nothing too radical, but it's a disgrace when WOs on courses are staying in shite 4-man rooms. There's no other Corps in the Army which treats its seniors so contemptuously.

    Wales would be great. I could resettle my wife near her family at reasonable cost. And Welsh birds are easy... :wink:
  7. Apparently a new Mess would be part of the new contract with the new buisness provider (yer righto). Im sure they finally sorted out the funding to extend (rebuild) the mess etc but it is now on hold while they wait for the DTR to be announced.

    Also the MQ`s upgrade has been put on hold again, no doubt this too is down to waiting for the DTR.

    As for Wales, well I dont see us getting a prime location. No doubt it will be the back of beyond in some kind of ex mining town renovation program.

    Cynical ?
  8. Its going to be Blanford isn't it.
  9. Funny how the locals think " "devastating" effect on the local economy" when theres a chance of us leaving, but there the first people to bleet when a couple of lads walk past there houses past 10 and make a bit of noise.
  10. The civil servants have started a "petition" to save Blandford camp....

    The Soldiers however have countered this with a petition to close Blandford camp.

  11. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    same the world over mate
    they only want us for our money :evil:
    lot that there is anything worth spending it on in Blandford
    spending to get out is a different matter :p
  12. Driffield could be a potentially good site as it has good road/rail links, DST 11 miles away, a big enough real eastate to exercise on and Catterick just up the road. Don't know the state of the blocks & MQs though as its been mothballed for some time.
    Also in an area where recruiting instructors wouldn't be too difficult.
  13. Still in the back end of nowhere. Cosford definitley has its advantages. The TA (2 SigBde) find that area of the country the most useful to do its central trade training - Swynerton.

    The TA would get more out of the the school if it was closer to population centres, use its comms facilities etc at weekends.
  14. Couldn't possibly close Blandford. What would they do with the museum?
    Anyway, they haven't upgraded the seniors acco yet.
  15. Why on earth did they put it in the middle of an Army camp? Surely it'd be better to make it more accessable to the general public (recruiting, PR etc).

    Ok its not the most entertaining subject (to the public) but its put together quite well.

    Move it back to Yorkshire!