BLANDFORD - The G Spot, vault or whatever theyre calling it

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Higround, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Higround

    Higround Old-Salt

    I know I know weve heard more than enough about Blandford but im off there for a few days soon and I was just wondering if the spot is open during the week becuase id like to see that clatty old sh1thole one more time
  2. naafi_chick

    naafi_chick Swinger

    Hang your head in shame and have a good word with yourself :!: :!: :!: :!:

    Its still the same shit hole its always been! The only thing thats changed is the staff.
  3. Higround

    Higround Old-Salt

    Yea but you didn't answer my question, im only there weds-fri and there is no fcuking way im staying in Blandford a second longer than I have to
  4. It was shut a couple of weeks ago on thursday night, and on the friday it was so tonk...words cannot do it justice!
  5. Higround

    Higround Old-Salt

    Wounder, you have to love the clatty place tho. Oh the memories, ah well looks like I won't get to see the place on more time.

    Anyway cheers, MOD feel free to delete this crap thread
  6. MOD's make this thread a sticky so Higround hangs his head in shame everytime he logs on
  7. diggler

    diggler Crow

    The place has died a death, I was there a few weeks ago on a friday. I am NOT exagerrating, including the staff, there were 10 people there!! Most likely a result of Tiffs opening later etc.
  8. The_Gawp

    The_Gawp Swinger

    It has gone forever, totally closed and boarded up.
    Its about time, that is the worst drinking establishment i have ever been in.
  9. sigschick

    sigschick Swinger

    how can u say that! when i was there as a young pup in the factory it was ace! where else could u get pissed on a fiver and cop off with the fit pti's (bobby b was not one of the fit ones by the way)!! is he still there? :lol: oh the memories!!
  10. easy-wan-kenobi

    easy-wan-kenobi War Hero

    bobby b was a legend..

    you have definately fuct it now boys (in a welsh accent)


    glad the spot has gone... it was poo
  11. plasticbrummy

    plasticbrummy Clanker

    I was in the block with 'bobby b'. (at least i think its the same bloke) went to bassingbourne rather quickly from blandford. allegedly too much interaction with the female phase 2's. have heard he was confronted with similar problems at bassingbourne.
    What a bloke he was morals no fear of rejection, just bounce onto the next!!!!

    Being a bouncer at tiffs and the spot gave him a slight advantage in certain situations. ah the spot...................memories of one of the local 'ladies' and her chant of 'come and play'.............................brrrrrrrrrrrrr scary!!!!
  12. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Clanker

    My little sister goes there every week so i assume it's the crapest place on earth, i'm so glad i moved away from that town.
  13. illbeamonkeysoon

    illbeamonkeysoon Old-Salt

    Let's face it Blandford is a dump of a town anyway!!!!
  14. cable_dog

    cable_dog Swinger

    Announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The G-Spot or Vaults as its now called is closed for the time being. Its not known yet whether ity is opening again or they are going to burn the Shit Hole down.
  15. They can't burn it, if that carpet goes up it'll take half of Dorset with it.