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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar69, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know if the TA courses at Blandford for 2007 - 2008 have been published yet, or does anyone know if the info is available on DII
  2. Remind me next Tues, I got memo with them on last night.

    If what I've heard is correct your class 1 trade course doesn't exist anymore and you need to attend the generic (i.e. all operators) ICS Class 1 (I think its Sept)
  3. p.s. It was on the Blandford RLI/DII site, should have been ported over to the DCCIS site
  4. Cheers Polar, either way this polar69 wants his class one course instead of camp this year
  5. Has your unit heard anything about BOWMAN conversion courses (i.e. anything in Bdes/Div area?). Also thinking about a course instead of camp (or a reduced one)
  6. I'd do either of those two, so someone nudge me when they get any info.
  7. Their are several courses available (the documnet I have states they finish this year)

    BOWMAN Systems Manager (BSM) Formation - 40 days @ DCCIS (YofS)

    BOWMAN Systems Manager (BSM) Unit - 37 days @ DCCIS (RSWO)

    BOWMAN Advanced Signaller (Systems) - 25 days @ Unk (?)

    BOWMAN Advanced Signaller - 20 days @ Unk (Class 1)

    BOWMAN Basic Signaller 12.5 days @ Unk (Class 3)

    BOWMAN HF/VHF Operator 6.5 days @Unk (Non Sigs radio ops)

    BOWMAN VHF Operator (Light) - 3 days (Non Sigs radio ops)

    The duration may now be wrong, hmm class 3 conversion takes 2.5 weeks! The longer courses also contain the content from the shorter courses. As far as I'm aware you can't do the basic and then only do the 'advanced' part of the advanced course (this will be delivered via your class 1 course once that course has converted)
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Correct on what you need to attend. Not correct on the date yet. Dates for this are not yet confirmed (still awaiting final delivery commitment from the school in the next few weeks and dates will then be publicised to both 2 Bde and 12 Gp and the few odd units that come into neither!) however hoping to see the course run earlier than September.

    Should definitely not be a problem for the 2007/08 training year - and hopefully there will be better attendance on a generic course leading to a better experience for the students and the removal of the risk of cancellation.
  9. Dates for the 1st course are out - check out the RSS site, if you have access to DII.

    There is a requirement to complete a Cls2-to-Cls1 workbook before attending the Cls 1 course - anyone know anything about the content of the workbook, and the likely time required to work through it?
  10. Don't have a copy with me so this is not 100% Its roughly similar to what you will have already achieved on your detties. Things like det management, orders (det orders not inf orders), det folders, etc

    R U sure about the dates, according to this thread its not been set

    TA Class 1 Operator
  11. Hi

    I have re-checked the RSS intranet site, and the course dates have still not yet been added (no updt since 08 Feb 07). I was given the information 2 weeks ago via my chain of command and told it would be posted shortly: 4 courses per year, max 16 pers, min 8, 1st course in Jun 07.

    Got my nomination in and requested leave from work, so I hope it's real and not just wishful thinking...
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I can assure you it's real. My info says first course in June - should be on the RSS programme now and on the website very soon.

    Workbook - don't get this from unofficial sources or you may end up with the wrong version. Speak to your PSI. If he/she does not have one then they need to talk to their Regt YofS or if that fails in 2 Sig Bde then the Bde YofS.

    If you are considered ready for a Class 1 course you should find that much of the workbook requirement will be stuff you can have signed off based on your experience and training over the last 12 months or so. Don't turn up on the course without it signed off though - if you think you won't be ready then wait for the next course.

    SDD - glad to hear you got this info through the CoC and not from ARRSE. See - all you doubters out there - it DOES work.
  13. I was hoping it was real, and not a ploy on their part to stop me "prompting" everyone for an update on a daily basis... :happycry: :thumright:
  14. Are they versioned? I have a copy in my office which I intend to distribute this weekend.
    I would recommend speaking to your TA YofS first, its their job to trade train you not the PSI and really you shouldn't short cut the system.
  15. Me too but you know that this June course will be 50% ARRSE and 20% my regiment (after I post this thread to all COMCENs this weekend :brilsmurf: )