Blandford Sgts Mess Bills

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Kopfkaser, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Why are the monthly mess bills at Blandford so bloody expensive. Thats before you have paid your food and accommodation. My room is like a box room and so out of date my grandad was embarrased for me. I have to put a collar on just to eat and to be honest ive felt more at home living in transit accommodation around the globe. Is this a sore point to anyone else or am I just being a minge?
  2. Hear's a disgrace, though this isn't the fault of the staff or the miltary personnel on camp - it's down to those penny-pinching mandarins in Whitehall with their issued laptops and personal organisers, swanning off on official trips at taxpayers expense and living the high life while agreeing to procure dodgy new technology (project names omitted to protect the innocent!) at huge cost. These are the eejits who are draining the miltary budget and leaving us no cash to reach adequate living standards. It's a sad day when the govt claim to be streamlining the army to meet the 21st century's commitments etc...blah blah...but SNCOs in the Army are not deemed worthy of a habitable standard of living accommodation. Nice Chesterfields, though!

    At the end of the day, young lads and lasses who look forward to being promoted into the Sgts Mess must look at that hovel in Blandford with horror, in comparison to the cushty Toms' accommodation on camp. very own bedspace in a portacabin...makes me all sentimental about being on ops (er...yes, I was being sarcastic).
  3. Well said P_s, however check out the officers mess next time. I had to go an an errand the other month and as I walked over the bridge by the fish pond, I got the feeling that it was slightly better than ours.

    Inside was another story again, so I do wonder, if the penny pinchers are so clear to blame, why did they only look at our side of camp??!!
  4. Sorry lads/lassies, I've got my previous head on as a Recruiter.

    The reason the 'Toms' accommodation is so plush is to convince the parents of 'wee johnny' that the army actually looks after it's individuals during trg. 'Wee Johnny' believes the accommodation to be of the that standard throughout their career. Obviously once they leave the 'scenic' surrounds of Blandford and come in to the real world the story is different. At least then the army knows they have them for another few years.

    As an individual progresses and decides to make the army a career and are promoted in to the mess normally that's an indicator that those individuals are in for the 22 years. So, I believe that the army and in particular Blandford, adopt the attitude of, 'we don't owe anyone any favours and if they don't like it they can leave'. When they rightly know that the majority want to stay for the full 22 years (and beyond) and will just accept it. Perhaps I'm just being cynical!!

    Having stayed in the Blandford mess on a few occassions and stayed in other messes over a number of years, I have to agree with PD.

    We, as mess members are expected to behave and live in a manner associated with our Rank. We are fortunate enough to be members of such an exclusive club (so I keep being informed). But whilst in Blandford mess I feel like I'm an assylum seeker waiting for accommodation.

    Lets put it another way. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE CORPS MESS. It's about time the penny pinchers paid it some respect and modernised the place.

    Mess bills are expensive in Blandford - haven't a clue why and is probably one of those great unsolved mysteries.
  5. Last Thursday I saw the manageress AKA bull dog walking round in that stupid looking blazer she wears with just a t-shirt on under it. If she sees any of us walking around in a t-shirt she is straight on the phone to her bezza the badge! How dare she fU***NG TROUT – rules is rules. Last thing im going to do is kick off don’t want monkey boy on my back for the rest of my days. And since this is about mess bills I agree our baths are minging, the shower is crap and we pay 50p a week for a washing machine that never works!
  6. Washing machines!! The "new smarter transit block" (the one to the right of the mess) has brand new washing machines. One small factor though is that they are not plumbed in, which apparantly was not part of the contract arranged with SODEXO.. The mind boggles... :cry:

    F3ckin' place is an embarrassment to the Corps.
  7. I had to laugh - my 2nd ever posting (1989) was to Oakington Bks in Cambridge which was/is an old RAF WWII base. 10-man rooms, no carpets etc (swing that light, man!). Just before we left, it got kitted out with carpets, partitioned off into single bunks etc and the bogs were all sorted out. About time, you might think.

    Last I heard - a few years back - the Army got turfed out and they had started using it for asylum seekers...who promptly complained that it was like a prison camp unfit for habitation. Thank f*** they didn't arrive a decade earlier then!!!

    Hope I won't start anyone off on a bit of an anti-asylum seekers rant. TTFN

    PD :p
  8. Sorry to be picky here jockdude, but who ever heard of an assylum seeker waiting for accommodation :wink:
  9. your a Jock, thats understandable
  10. Boney_m

    You're absolutely correct, I couldn't see an assylum seeker accepting accommodation in our Corps Mess.

    As for you twosh1ts, sorry! twosheds I'll ignore that remark.
  11. And a very nice bloke he is 8)
  12. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    oh yes
    i did my EFP there just the month before we pulled out and immigration moved in!!
    at least they have fixed the fence round it now!!
    but what a hole!
    lived in better shell scrapes!!
  13. How about going on a cse there, being asked to pay extra messing then find out they want you to stand in another queue to get it.

    Segregated asylum seeker?

    Love the Corps, but we do get it wrong every now amd then!
  14. I always worked on the assumption that a large %age of the input to the Sigs Board originated in Blandford. How come no succinct reply to the original question posed by KK :?:

    Surely not everyone down there in Dorzzett pays an inflated Mess Bill without querying it :!:
  15. Another factor to the Blandford Sgt`s mess "mess bill" is the amount of donations that go to 22 years served people.

    Its only 50p a head which is small, I dont think anyone begrudges that, but the Mess Accountant has a tendancy to put through a lot at the same time. Suddenly a fiver has appeared. If only these guys supported the mess they are getting £150 quid off. You see some of the names and think.... "who?" never seen them in the mess