Blandford servicing bay AIR LINE

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. If this is a Garrison facility why is it not hooked up on the weekends? Do military details cease at 1700 on a Friday?
  2. **** off, you should've first works it on Friday.
  3. Ohhh...So the 160 miles I did on Friday to get to Blandford does not count then..Now.....How about you **** OFF ****.
  4. Behind the POL point there's a low brick building that's about the size of a sawn off tardis. Open the small wooden door and reach inside and you'll find the isolator switch for the compressor.
  5. 1. Air line compressor is in the Serv bay, about 300 yards from POL point.
    2. No low brick building near POL point in BLANDFORD.
    3. Airline attachment removed from the air line so it can not be used during silent / weekends.
  6. I've never been to Blandford.

    Perhaps that will teach you to ask nosh questions, rant on the web and expect anything constructive...
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  7. So WHY would you try and give advice that is bollox? Gay off weirdo.
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  9. Because the effort invested at my end is out of proportion to the potential rage I could achieve at your end. Which is what the non-porn fraction of the internet is for.

    Why not complain at the Guardroom instead of shimfing on a site not renowned for its Dorset POL afficionados?

  10. Bad weekend?
  11. Get a grip of yourself you pathetic twat.
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  13. Probably to prevent sprogs trying to blow up the tyres on their 1.0 Nova chav mobiles and damaging either the air line or themselves?

    Have you tried asking in the guardroom whether there's an MT/LAD callout number you could phone and ask nicely for a favour?
  14. Drive to Tesco in Blandford just off the bottom of Black Lane.

    Purchase food for journey, fill up (if you have agency card) use FREE air line and water on the forecourt.