Blandford Mess Ball

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jcarver007, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows who is in charge of mess committee at Blandford for this years Balls. I had previously created a Jimmy ice sculpture, SA80 and Soldier holding SA80 in ice for the Christmas ball. For any future balls there is a minimum 20% Forces Discount available. Images below:
  2. Do they melt?
  3. Only if you chip bits off to drop into your vodka.
  4. Actually they melt, but very slowly - usually take about 6-8hrs for the luge to become unusable. You can chip bits off for drinks but better to pour the vodka through the channel inside the ice , chilling as it goes, then catching it in your mouth at the other end. The Signals one pictured, the hole fior the vodka goes through the leg but. Sometimes i do it through the barrel of the sa80. Get nicely drunk on these ;)
  5. We had a vodka luge at a party once. I have to say it took a while for the 1st person to jump on it, but once the 1st shot had been downed it became a real hit.
  6. Thats true Smudger, and often there's a 'harcore' group who stick to the luge trying to outdo each other. I've had a go a fair few times with even flaming sambuca- very nice at the time. Just come out of the freezer having carved a female torso and a hand and bottle - someones going to have a good time tonight.
  7. Can you make one of these for the ACF mess?


    They'll be drinking yoghurt out of it.
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  8. I think your plan make come unstuck when the yoghurt freezes inside. However we can do one like this and there is a way to get the yoghurt to dribble out - pm me details if you want a cost.?
    Anyway we do a better luge which is the full torso with abs and everithing on large side - a hit with the ladies. Or a half female half male one - keeps all happy!
  9. You should call it the "deluxe Legs edition"