Blandford life and activities

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Calju16, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey there folks,

    From my recent posts, some of you may be aware that Im due to start Phase 1 in the New Year at Winchester. Whilst Im sure that the vast majority of my time at Blandford for Phase 2 will be spent.learming my trade, I was if there was much opportunity to take advantage of any sports / "extra curricular" societies in the area?

    Just trying to get a taste of what, hopefully, will be ahead of me!

    Thanks in advance folks!
  2. On camp or down town?

    Down town the main past times are taking heroin, shagging close family members, ripping squaddies off for ******* everything and whining about squaddies while secretly shitting yourself that the Army will finally shut the camp down and remove the only thing keeping the town alive.

    On camp the main past times are wandering around half the night trying to find the one eight inch wide and mobile beam of mobile phone signal and hoping that the twats who moved us out of Catterick into the ******** of the entire universe because it's close to their holiday cottages die a painful and drawn out death.

    There's a bowling alley and a wargaming club on camp too. Knock yourself out.
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  3. I've only been to Blandford once and I ended up with 12 stitches and a very sore bottom.

    He pushed me.
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  4. And the greatest cinema known to man.
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  5. From what I understand, there is no swimming pool on site at Blanford but there is one in the local town. You are able to take transport on Wednesday sports days for free to go and have a swim. I don't know this from first hand experience though, but I'm sure you can easily speak up and ask about it, for confirmation.
  6. Is there not also a go-kart track/club on camp as well?
  7. Blandford was a complete and utter toilet the last time I was there (1982), it would appear time has not been kind to it and it's even worse now.
  8. There was a track down the bottom by the running track, no idea how often the sprogs get to use it.
  9. Back?
  10. Back of the queue, Fucko.
  11. Sounds just like home, Jimmys_best_mate. Wargaming as in Warhammer? Christ, sounds like it's going to be like I'm back at school!

    I had heard - from a bunch of medics that the little brother is posted to, so it may all be just idle rumour - that there was even a Dungeons and Dragons team cutting around in the Sigs somewhere.

    Does anyone know what the internet connections are like down there? I know I will likely be in shared accomodation, but is it possible to get a wifi connection hooked up, or would you need to pop down to an internet cafe?
  12. 626 junior spent a week there before being shifted onto driver training, in the week there though she said that the internet was fine and we actually facetimed a few times so the speed sounds ok. not sure about the blokes accomodation but the females sound like they get a good deal with a kitchen etc. As I said she was only there a week and couldn't really form a true idea of what it's like.
  13. Most of the blocks have wifi now. Not sure what it costs or what speeds are like but I'm sure you can manage Faceache over it. I wouldn't expect to be playing CoD online though! There's also an internet cafe in the WRVS so you'll be able to get online if you need to - work permitting.

    I think the wargaming club was aimed more at 'real war' than Warhammer but I can tell you nothing about it other than it exists (or did, last I heard anyway).

    The blocks are mostly ten man rooms with a small kitchen, wash/drying room and ablutions to each flat. They're not bad at all for what they are (and far better than the old Anson/Benbow or the portakabins which I don't think are used unless they're desperate anymore).

    There's no point lying about it - Blandford is an utter ******* shithole with absolutely no redeeming features and I don't know many people in the Corps who wouldn't happily see us pull out of there, rape and pillage the town then call in a nuclear strike once all the humans are far enough away. It's only a year though so just make the best of it.