Blandford Kids Schools

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by fatfekker, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I have just been tipped off that I am to be posted to sunny Blandford Forum for a year. Last time I was there it was all about drinking, getting to and from my room, some studying and exams. I did not pay attention to much else.

    This time I have a tribe of my offspring with me. Assuming I get into one of the MQs what are the local schools like (both primary and secondary) anything to avoid, good ones, buses to and from etc. Only there for 1 academic year so league tables etc don't excite me, am more interested in getting to and from them; also making sure that fatfekkers spawn are not going to be trained as runners for local drug dealers or given a hard time for being army brats. Is the school in the camp any use, seems OK from internet and must be a sensible choice?

    If there is no MQs left where do they accommodate us and ditto the school question for that location.
  2. I was there for a year also and would steer clear of the School on camp. They let me, my wife and my children down badly although my kids needed specialist help , I felt they did the bare necessary knowing after a year we would be someone else's problem.
  3. The school at the bottom of the hill is very good I hear can't remember what its called though.
  4. School on camp is fine, it unlike local town schools, has a community feel still.
  5. Both the school on camp, and the secondary school in town are good.

    The year head when my daughter was at Milldown was a superb teacher and he was genuinely sad to see my daughter leave. She had a couple of personal issues ( as kids of that age do ) and the treatment she got was first class. I would recommend the school and would have no issues in placing her in the school again.
  6. I too can also vouch for 'The Blandford School'. The school and the staff all do very well. The school has a good rep.
  7. Downlands School on Camp has improved massively over the last few years IMHO. It suffered a bit under the previous Head and I had a good few heated discussions with her... The bloke that took over as the new Head is great - really cares for the Kids and their learning. I would recommend a phone call to the HIVE, the very helpful lady there will give you all the info you need. Let me know if you need a PM with phone number for the HIVE.
  8. Oh yeah, I remember the female head there now. My ex wife was a teaching assistant there and had nothing good to say about her :)
  9. I had already made contact with the HIVE and you're right, the lady there was very helpful. Trouble was that she had to be factual and couldn't tip me off which were the good/bad/average schools hence my asking on here. tbh I can see her point as I could have been anyone checking up.

    Thanks for the advice, I think I may take a trip across and visit a school or two.
  10. Downlands Community School comes highly recommended, altho like you last time we were in Blandford we were advised against it. The school at the bottom of the hill is Archbishop's Wake, was it not called St Leonard's at one point, try this linky there are likely to be some service children in the top six schools. Last time I was there I fancied Blandford St Mary's but they have had a change of head as well as changing from an infant to a primary school. I'ld be interested to know what schools you visit and what you thought of them.