Blandford, just not the same anymore!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cheesybeansontoast, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Now I really hate to gripe about our own Corps but this topic is really beginning to hack me off now!

    What happened to Values & Standards being taught at our Royal School?

    I know most of us disliked hearing "It wasn't like this in my day!" and "You're getting it easy compared to the old days" when we were trainees, but now I'm finding myself thinking those same things!

    I never spoke back to a JNCO/SNCO or muttered under my breath when asked to do something, through fear of getting a good right hook or an extra drill lesson up and down the marching route, so why is it that trainees are under the impression they can do this without a second thought?

    I'm getting fed up of picking these C**TS up everywhere I go for their lack of self discipline and personal presentation. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but the majority of NCO's on courses in Blandford don't seem to care. Why is it that JNCO's are so fearful of shouting at a Phase 2 when they are not acting in a manner befitting the uniform they wear??

    Just when exactly did Blandford become such a 'pink & fluffy' place?
  2. When the abolished morse and turned the Corps from 'signalers' to 'IT technicians'!
  3. It's not just blandford it's the entire ******* army socitys changed, it's sueing cluture now. You still can **** phase two crow around it just takes so much ******* effort now because of the paper trail. For **** sake at pirbight you can't give press ups with out the recruit signing for them( you can't call them recruits anymore eather it's SuT (soilder under training) recruit is derogatory) what's the army coming too!!!
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  9. Shhh crow. You're only reinforcing the army's view that your Corps is full of whiners and chavs.
  10. I come from a Royal Marine background and have a generally neutral attitude of the services (unlike colleagues) and was shocked when i asked my friend, who was passing out of Pirbright, did he do many kit muster/inspections, in which he replied "what are they".

    He couldnt even remember the last time he did one and i thought they were being taught to be a soldier first!!

    Im hopefully joining the Army as a signaller soon and hope my arms will be treated to more than ten pressups a day
  11. I was on one of the first trade trg courses out of blandford and I can assure you the benbow blocks were hell holes, full of damp and collapsing ceilings. They needed new accomodation but not the namby pamby blocks they got.
  12. From my own experience at Blandford a huge problem was created in 2005 when the new RSM decided that ALL on training courses were to be marched about and treated like sh!t. This included the Class 1 courses.

    Many Class 1's were marched off of an RSM parade in front of the Phase 2's.

    When I was a Phase 2 we looked up to the Class 1 courses and seen how they were treated like adults by the Regt but when said RSM came in there was no respect for the Class 1's from trainees as they were being treated the same. It also meant that few of the trainees at the time actually wanted to go back on their Class 1's anytime soon just to get more bullsh!t.

    Dunno if it is still the same now though as that RSM is long gone from there. According to rumours he only got the job because the guy before him who was also Corps RSM got sacked because he refused to become a bast@rd to the soldiers.
  13. The RSM appointed in 2005 was awesome! Blandford needs proper SSM/RSMs and he was one. If you don't want to be marched off RSM's parade, don't turn up dressed like a bag of shite - it really is that simple.

    It was a pain in the arrse at times having to march around in squads, but then again it is the Army and not the Blandford wing of the Provisional Boy's Brigade. When in a training regiment, do as a training regiment does. If that means acting like soldiers for a while then that's what you have to do.

    I never had a problem with the sprogs and respect/obedience either - if I told them to do something then it got done, much like most NCOs there at the time. There were some gobby little twats amongst the recruits, but then there was when I was a nig there too. I saw plenty of seniors on the FofS and YofS courses being subjected to military discipline at the time of his appointment and discipline crackdown, it never stopped me from doing what I was told by SNCOs or from wanting to be in their place in the future.

    From what I remember the discipline crackdown by the then new RSM was badly needed at the time - Blandford's been a holiday camp masqerading as a military establishment for as long as I remember (even when I was a Ph. 2) and some things were starting to get very badly out of hand.

    Are you sure about the RSM 11SR and the Corps RSM being the same person? I don't remember that, as far as I recall they've been a seperate appointment for as long as I've been in.
  14. Yeah he came out for a visit to my Unit when he was Corps man and then when I was in Blandford at the time of his "sacking" he was on both appointment boards. I know what you are saying about them being separate jobs though.

    It's a bit pathetic to say if it means acting like a soldier for a while. the guys on their Class 1's had earned their place on their respective trade courses by proving they are good at their trades and majority would have been on tour by then so should know what real soldiering is about. Class 1 is about developing further in trade. Obviously discipline is needed at all times but treating experienced sodiers the same as Trainees is wrong.

    I seem to remember he tried to get the YofS and FofS courses doing the same but got short and shrift from The Col in charge of Eng Div!
  15. And you are just reinforcing the view that you are the site biff.