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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jjhh, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Any truth in the rumour that there is now 'official' WiFi based internet access in the blocks at Blandford?
  2. yup- its not the best in the world, but it does work.
  3. There's a Wi-fi network that gives you access to BT-Fon in the blocks, affirmative...
  4. There is one, although the range is only about 16 feet from the WRVS.

    You can't get it in the back row of blocks (the row along the gym road), don't know about the front row (Matafar etc), the Pig Pen or the new blocks where Castle Greyskull used to be.
  5. Isn't Blandford a training establishment?
  6. Yes and…………

    Awaits the old, f*cking disgrace, in my day etc comments
  7. Well yeah pretty much what you have already guessed.

    Far be it from me to suggest that during a time of recession when recruiting is at an all time high and we could afford to be fussy that training should be made harder instead of easier in order to retain the best and brightest.

    Sign of the changing times I suppose!
  8. What does having internet access at night have to do with the difficulty (or not) of Royal Signals trade courses?

    If it was basic then I'd agree, but why not in a trade training establishment? Especially considering it's not just the sprogs that have access to it...
  9. I know all those pampared soldiers that we keep sending out on Ops are really soft as sh*t

    They certainly wouldn’t be capable of defending BAOR like the good old ‘it was much harder in my day ‘ Brigade :wink:
  10. Aye, getting shitfaced in the freezing cold waiting patiently for the 3rd shock. It was proper hardcore.
  11. You sir are a f*cking arse. We are a technical corps - isn't it useful to allow our trainees to become acquainted with technology at some point? Some of them are at Blandford for a year and this allows them access to stuff like ArmyNET, it allows them to keep in touch easily with families back home and it allows them the ability to revise stuff using modern methods. These lads and lasses work hard and then get royally thrashed on ops - who the hell are you to say what constitutes "hard" training. There is a difference between "challenging" conditions and simply not letting people have modern stuff because you think they should be climbing in ditches with 303 rifles.

    Presumably you're on the government's cyberwarfare working group...
  12. I tell you what, I did my technical training in the raf and I'd have killed for internet access back then. These days the web is my first port of call for any info, back then been able to Google "magnetron" or "travelling wave tube" instead of having to wade through mountains of manuals would have been an absolute godsend. Of course it would have also meant more quality wanking time or zit squeezing time as well but those are the knocks sir !
  13. No I just have this old fashioned idea that training establishments should be crammed full of learning. If you have got time to update your facebook status you have got time to be learning something else or sleeping as you're going to be getting thrashed in the morning (Like that still happens).

    Not a Cold War Warrior. Just wondering where will the line get drawn. How long before such establishments are technical colleges that you attend 9 - 5.
  14. Is this the new Scaley motto??

  15. Its not like blandford camp has any permanent staff members is it, shouldnt provide a wi-fi access area for them