Blandford Housing.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by krazyfool, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I am posted to Blandford soon and I am in the process of filling out my DHE forms. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best roads are to ask for(Not that it will make a diff!). I dont have any kids. Any help would be great!!
  2. The best roads in Blandford mate are the ones leading out of it.
  3. Yeah thanks for your help.
  4. No problem, hope you enjoy your time there.
  5. mate , i live on the patch in sunny blandford ...there are quiet alot of empty houses , and iam led to belive that they are all ear soon are you to be here ? maybe think about bovington. res to pod !!!!
  6. Fill out all the forms you want mate, you wont really have a choice, the better houses are on Kingdown Road but they are 3/4 beds and are for families with multiple kids.

    To be honest you can only take what you are given and live with it, welcome to army married quarters....!
  7. Now that you have had all the duff posts now for one that answers your question.

    As you have no kids the best Qtr's are South Crescent, Race Down and Valley Road. 2 Bed's and A nice Size Garden (although depending on house may be at a slope!)

    Enjoy your time there I have just got out after a 4 year sentence.
  8. Cheers smokin! I have heard the quarters are all really in a pretty arrse state, also that some have no showers in them! Whats the score. Anyway anything has to be better than the one that I am in now!!
  9. My quarter in sunny Blandford was one of the best I've had. I think it's pretty much a lottery tho' cos my mate's house was a dump!
  10. It can be just luck of the draw what the state of the house is but there is surposed to be modernisations in the near future!! Although everyone goes on about modernising South Crescent again!! It has been modernised time after time and yet others get left untouched - like my old house at Central Park!

    King down and Gunville have had some modernised but if you like living with no garden/no privacy and all the housed squished together then crack on - to claustrophobic for me.
  11. Is that modernisation anything to do with the propsed Joint Service School or whatever they were planning on changing Blandford into? I head an RAF delegation told them to poke it cos the current Officer's quarters weren't even good enough for RAF junior ranks!
  12. Officers quarters here aren't bad. The rest of the houses are pretty crap (and I live on South Crescent, one of the supposed good ones). Most haven't got showers and the gardens at the top of South Crescent (ie the gym /Sgt Mess end) look like the side of Everest. Can't complain really though, for £2 a day.
  13. I bet you would put your family in a cave for 50p a day then....

    Anyone thats been fcuked off for a quarter on Blandford camp thought about putting a Freedom of Information request in to DHE asking how many officers quarters are empty.

    Then set a lawyer on the case, a little media exposure and you can have a grade A sh1tstorm ensuing.
  14. I live in a 2 bedroom quarter in gunville down road and there not that bad, having said that theres bugger all storage space whatsoever.
  15. The majority of houses on south crescent have yet to be modernised. They still have the proper original kitchens and wiring.

    As for showers the contractors are saying that their stil fitting them although dhe have said that there is no funding left for them. However, they did say to a couple who moved in today that they could have a shower. I recon as usual dhe are just being stingee