Blandford GISST are useless

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by error_unknown, Mar 17, 2003.

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  1. Why is it that the internet machines that are based in the School of Signals are so tied down they should just connect them to the intranet as thats as much use they are to people wanting to do any work on them.  They are so tied down a dungeon master would be pleased.  You can't visit any sites hardly except for the few email addresses.  Even they are tied down and restricted.  People are even being flagged for checking children sites like tellytubbies. (jk)  ;D
  2. Still got the big notices about porn, they where all over the shop when I was last down there (Reservist).
    The kind of person who puts that sort of shit up immediatly goes home at end of day to spank one out himself.
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Maybe the Internet is tied down with the correct security software to prevent some of the shitty things that people look at on the net. Probably needs some tweeking. GIve the guys running it a chance and maybee inform them of the problems instead of grumbling. :D
  4. Hay ISSG

    If it has been set up by some IS mong at Blandford, it is more that likely based around DOS 5. The IS trg WO there wouldn't know dynamic if it shot him in th ARRSE.
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    True True
  6. Tried informing GISSST many times of sites which we should be able to access.  They just ignore it.  Even when you get spam emails in hotmail and you are reading it, they go and report you.  They need to get a life and sort it out.  Yes agreed some sites need to be locked down, I have no problems with that, but why the sites which are for fun, you can't even access The Sun newspaper site "because they show tits".  What a joke, if this internet room for babies, or for adult soldiers???  And I agree the person running it probably does go home and spank himself stupid every night.
  7. I think GISST are wonderful, I was so pleased when the put all my data down the earth spike; :eek: more than once. ???  Carry on the good work lads and lasses.
  8. I am sure that you are missing the whole idea and reason why the Internet facility is there. I am sure that when you signed your paperwork it said that it was the 'Royal School of Signals Internet Research Facility'. Now unless I am completely out of the loop might I suggest that 'The Sun' is not a site that I would be carrying out research. The facility is there purely for RESEARCH purposes only. OK, I know that we all like to check our e-mails which is fine, and i'm sure that GISST don't report everything!! DO THEY??

  9. I fully agree. If they had built a cybercafe then yes I would argue its too tied down, however it is for research and as such must be used for this purpose. Try accessing the web via BMIS its even more strict.

    If you wana download porn get a phone line. Or go searching the camp for un secured Wi-Fi kit with FAT broadband pipes. There are a few.

    Why doesnt someone set up a proper cybercafe, like the ones down town.
  10. I thought there was a "cyber cafe" type setup in the WRVS near the junior rank NAAFI. Personally i'm glad that the Blandford internet setup is being locked down more, after extremely unsavoury porn was found on one of the terminals during my IS course - it takes alot to disgust me but this was pure filth :(
  11. There is a CyberCafe. Not too sure who administers it though. Must admit, I was quite disgusted at what was on the terminals at one point. It makes you sick to think that these people are the future of the army!!!

  12. I'm sure that if somebody who's already posted to Blandford with enough IS geek in them (don't worry i'm one too!) then it will be down to them to sort it out. It's quite an easy job.
  13. The Cyber Cafe is a difficult one to get right you have to ensure that the solider has the access they need, but also the security must be adiquate to ensure the cafe isn't a mass porn site. The problem is that the personnel that control the cafe don't have a vast amount of IT knolwedge, it is up to a few people to enusre that the service is kept running.
  14. As for GISST - the blandford LAN is a worldwide funnded project. People or to be aware that the LAN functions on a Regt worth of IT funding. I think we should congrat the guys in GISST on the job they do. The blandford LAN is prob one of the better regt LANS in the Army
  15. And probably the biggest.
    Its a shame that in its design more thought wasnt given to its design, but they probably didnt think it would be so big. (Try using network neighbour hood to find a PC. No structure at all completly flat.
    Multiple domains would have been much better.