Blandford Garrison to get Cpls Mess

Is it true that there is going to be a Corporals Mess on Blandford Garrison? :?:
Apparently so. There already is a bar next to the Ibiza bar that is supposedly going to be opening on a trial basis before any decisions are made.
that bar used to be the Cpl's mess a few years ago before people lost interest and it shut.
What is happening to Humphs bar? When does that re-open?
Yeah i remember back in the late 90's blandford had a corprals mess bar, but everyone didnt drink in it, so it was taken to the vote, and closed down.

It only ever really had about 5 people max in it at one time, and was much more intresting to drink the bowling alley where there were at least some form of a female in there!!
Trouble is i don't think naafi have enough staff to run it as well as semaphore and bowl do they?
Most people would rather drink outside the wire anyway wouldn't they?
i was at that very vote...........thing is they said it was to be a cpls mess and not a perm staff all them sigs we work with , who are not sprogs , would shit out , so we voted it out...if they start a mess it will cost money , meetings etc..dont know about you , but all the cpls in blandford i know dont have time for this extra extra hassle.....voted it out in 98/99 happy to do it again...
i would rather drink in town.......the ibiza bar ..........great ******* atmosphere in there isnt it......its like a ******* wake.
same here.....don't have room in my diary for extra bullsh1t.....what is wrong with humph's when it opens? That is as close to a Cpl's mess as i think we should get!
bet ya the tree huggin hippy at the top brings it in though........proper knob jocky he is
blagger said:
bet ya the tree huggin hippy at the top brings it in though........proper knob jocky he is
eh? the top of what?
You thick or wot...........the chief in RHQ dummy!! He all for sh1t like that i think!!
blagger said:
You thick or wot...........the chief in RHQ dummy!! He all for sh1t like that i think!!
whytry said:
Well with this level of enthusiasm i'm sure it'll go far. Cant see owt wrong with it myself cheap bar, maybe a couple of socials and a chance to drink in a place of our our own rather than the bowling alley or humphs when it finally re opens. Why do people resent the opportunity to do something in their time in blandord rather than just sit in their room all week then fcuk off at the weekend. The reason you all think this place is so sh!t and complain about it so much is because you actively do nothing about it.
Can't see the problem myself, cheap booze in a hopefully decent setting, a bit of power over organising summer, christmas, valentines etc dos, a bit of experience of mess life that most of us wouldn't get as screws. It's got to be better than the bowling alley.
sounds like a shit idea u dont have it in your unit so why have one in sunnyville, i thought we had meetings where these things were discussed and denounced. u could spend the money on something more worthwhile, like a different colour lightbulb for the tower or an extension to the drill square. :D
A Screws mess at blandford was a bad idea from the start , thats why it got closed down, as no one went there, There was not atmosphere, The beer was crap, and there were no females there.

It might give you a insight into the mess, but lets face it no other signals unit i know of has a screws mess, so why have one there!! Its a waste of time, resources, and money.
Well this has turned into a constructive and informative thread. Having been part of a Cpls mess at another sigs unit (they do have them). The interest in this bar was also put to vote by the badge and the general consensus was to give it a go. If anyone had a problem why didn't they speak out then? Remember we aint allowed in the Naafi, the bowling alley is getting far to full and humphs when it was open was the worst of the lot, overpriced and bad beer. Although if it does open then one of the first votes should either be to open it up to siggy permenent staff or allow them to be signed in as guests because i do think they will really sh!t out with this.
i believe that all units should have a screws mess. maybe this would set the rank and file apart.aspirations to be in that "club". i have held the conversation of screws messes many times with my peer group and the general attitude is mixed but most are willing to give it a go.i believe that a screws mess will help those who go on to be promoted in teaching the fundimentals of mess etequette, so we dont look like "nuggets" in the sgts mess. i remember srews mess functions @92 and wanting to be in there. i believe that nowadays the attitude is "i cant be bothered" "too much extra work organising functions "
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