Blandford "Favela" Camp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Size9_inyerface, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Is it me or has Blandford Camp become a Favela? (Ghetto in Brazil). Now I know I'm getting old, crusty, cantankerous and slightly **** but the Army used to have, and I would like to think still have standards. However, venturing around the soldiers’ accommodation blocks it has become apparent that something is not right. Rubbish is strewn everywhere, fag ends pilling up outside windows, magazines against walls and takeaways trays everywhere. This is not confined to just trainee areas but permanent staff accommodation too. I’ve been informed that trainees do not do daily litter sweeps around their accommodation as it isn’t conducive to ATRA’s training policy and not beneficial to the soldiers training. I would strongly disagree in that hygiene is paramount.

    If this is the case then surely the bright spark who dreamt this up must be on crack!

    I hate to think what other arms, visitors and contractors think when they see the state of this camp.
  2. We think you're dross; with or without the camp looking like a burst skip.
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  3. God, thought this was going to be a thread reminiscing about the 'towers' which the singlies used to exist in when 30 Sigs were there - now those were Favela's, but not for the lack of tidying up etc, they were probably dumps as soon as they were built back in the 70's (am sure there's a thread about them somewhere on here).
  4. Maybe they need to get the un-named QM mentioned in today's Sun to visit the camp and organise a few area cleaning parades?
  5. It came down from the CO when I was there, trainee's are not to be used for fatigues, such as areas, tentage, etc, as it wasn't conducive with their training programme. So now you've got a camp which looks like tenko, with no-one to do anything about it, because they'll just cry to the CO who will give them a big cuddle and rip off the head of whichever Permanent Staff was a big meanie. You can't even boot them out for failing trade tests. We had toms doing 8 or 9 re-tests, doesn't matter how many times the subject is retaught. All of this will have a knock on effect. Time to jump ship is getting very close
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  6. There are, however, contractors hired to clean the camps, but they never do. They're employed by Carillion who bought out McAlpine. I know first hand that Carillion are a bunch of *****. They'll take the money then turn up with a very poor standard of service. Thats from the very Senior Management level all the way down
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  7. And this will carry on until someone makes them carry out the details of the contract.

    Come on Flies-Eyes, sort them out!
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I would have thought that an essential part of any military (or certainly naval) training was instilling values of tidiness, self-discipline and order, starting with the person and their dress and extending outwards to their surroundings. I simple matter if instilling self-respect really.
    Plus if they had to clear up the litter maybe there would be less of it. Sounds like someone doesn't understand leadership.

    Now if it was RAF Much Binding in the Marsh I might understand ..
  9. My, my the Corps has gone to rat shit since I was posted, jees. Would'nt of happened if I was the duty shit shovel commando.

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  10. Yes, thank you. Please come again.
  11. The sprogs were doing litter sweeps last time I was back there a few months back.
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  12. They would probably be very happy to clean up after people, who should frankly know better, if they are paid to do it. do you carry out work your not paid to do? No didnt think so!!
  13. There are regular sweeps but it's not enough because of the amount of messy twats we have on camp.
  14. This statement is very exagerrated there is no "strewn" rubbish as you say, yes there may be fag ends here and there, they get picked up at least once a week on the block job rota.
    I have no idea what trainee blocks you are talking about as troop fullscrews inspect them regularly, also recently the QM department has walked around the permanent staff accomodation and are happy.
  15. Any other Corps fancy hanging out its dirty washing for all to see ?