Blandford Dress Codes

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by plasticbrummy, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. Only just joined the site having followed a link from BBC. What a feckin laff this place is!!!!
    Ive been out for 6 yrs exactly now having finished after ???? years at sysex in sunny Blandford. I been reading the site about the new RSM (ok not a recent thread) but Im all im going to say is a training depot is a training depot and different rules apply than at a normal working unit.

    There was a bit in the thread about trainees and DS having different dress codes and I was wandering what they were. I thought everyone only had Windows95 kit??? When I was there you could tell the difference between DS and Phase 2's because 98% of the DS were a fair bit older than 17 (and looked it!)

    Have things changed that much and all DS are now in the late teens/early 20's??? :lol:
  2. OMG, the BBC have a link to this site! Is this going to be the downfall of ARRSE?
  3. trolls ahoy!!!!
  4. just too inform you mate the ds dont look 17 as i am one ........ and there back in lightweights and jumpers ......... we lost our badge so there was no way of telling the difference from a distance ..... and some balloon of an rsm let them wear there stable belts this year ........ so you can see were the confusion came from.......all is back too normal now though ...............apart from blandford is still a shit posting
  5. If u haven't got a sense of humour u shouldn't have joined the R Sigs!
  6. taking it your on about my posting too blandford dude ..........however this place is the biggest joke going so i reckon my sense of humour is good
  7. right i think that just about clarifies it. We had to hand in our old fashioned lightweights and jumpers (although I naturally had about 5 spare sets left over although god only knows where it all came from!!)

    wasnt implying that the current DS are baby faced but i wouldnt mind looking 17 right now. Actually wouldnt object to looking 30 either.....................
  8. glad too be of service mate ..... they rock up here without lightweights and that and then get issued it from here ....... they tried getting us back into it but we all looked like a sack of shit .......two tone lightweights and that ....... so the put the crows into it instead