Blandford doctors

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smoojalooge, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. wtf is going on with these guys went to see them to today sir i have a shooting pain in my knee i think i might need a scan i've had knee injuries before and i've had this or difficulty walking before i'm worried.

    before i'd finished speaking i had a sick chit and a perscription for brufen in my hand. sir i think it's a bit more important i've had a few knocks and injuries over the years on my knees and i've never had anything like this.

    well just ease off take these and see me in 2 weeks.

    as i walked out i could here the bonaza music in the background where do they find these cowboys
  2. You should complain mate - I didn't see a single mention of tubigrip in your treatment regime.
  3. cost cutting i believe
  4. Not changed a bit in the last 4 years then.....
  5. Go private, I would, Mrs Duke is a member of BUPA with work, costs me nothing. Not used it yet though :wink:
  6. I'll have none of this. I went in there the other week after taking a knock to the ankle. The fine trained proffesional had diagnosed, writen the prescription and issued sick chit before i had even managed to get my boot off. If only the NHS had doctors who could see through leather, perform X rays with their eyes and write prescriptions at the same time. Waiting lists would drop in days.
  7. Never had a problem with them myself, was it the mil doc o civvy?
  8. You sure this is Blandford? sounds more like 3 Div to me :D

    At 3 Div you go in with the MO and he just asks how many days sick you want :D
  9. Doctors are all the same. Had a young girl at 2 sigs kept complaining about migraines. She kept getting more and more ibuprofen from the quack until the pain got that bad she couldn't get out of bed in the mornings. He then increased her medication to migraleve!! Still Sig 'snooks' was in great pain and got bedded down for a few days. On good friday last year her mate rang the guardroom saying they were taking her to York hospital as she couldn't bear the pain anymore. Within an hour or two of being there she was transferred to a specialist unit in Leeds which was where she was diagnosed with a very large cyst on the brain, which within hours burst and that was it........she was on life support machines until her family arrived, then they turned them off as she was totally brain dead and they could do nothing for her. She was only 19yrs old, how fare is that? What sort of life did she have? She was cheated out of a life and a career by the doctors not giving a fcuk!!

    Hats off to her father who was a vicar, who actually had the balls to do her funeral.

    Yet another loss to the corps!

    Just remember Doc..........Ibuprofen doesn't solve all symptoms!!
  10. Hell man, that's terrible!

    Took the NHS *ten* years to diagnose my father with a slow growing brainstem tumour, obviously killed him in the end.
  11. You are the reason high velocity rounds were invented.

    Caneston cream will erase you.
  13. 8O
  14. Did someone call "Medic!!!"

    Or just "dic!!!" lawstudent please fcuk off and visit one of the above-mentioned docs...
  15. Lawstudent do the world a favour and Fcuk off. This topic was discussing a problem within a military establishment, something which you have very little knowledge of. RICE treatment is all good and well but remember the first word REST. If you knew anything then you would be aware that in the miltary enviroment it is difficult to rest a minor injury thus they develop into a major one. If every little knock was treated your way the whole fcuking army would be cutting about in wheelchairs with icepacks on every fcuking joint.