Blandford Cookhouse

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Steady_steady_stop, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I heard on the grape vine that due to deffence cuts that Sodexo are trying out new food and Blandford is the first of many cookhouses to try it. The thing is, has anyone ever seen a cat roaming the streets in Blandford? No! Thats coz the Sodexo people have been on the prowl and cat-napped them all for the new range of food. The cat is used mainly in the curries as the so called spice hides most of the taste.

    This is a very serious subject, warn all your friends and colleagues off. Cat lasagne is next on the agenda. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :wink:
  2. For that matter, have you tried their rat_o_van? thats why they dont need cats in blandford, cos all the rats are in the pies too!

    This is a serious point, i believe you!
  3. An epedemic is upon us. We need help. Why eat the cats!

    Me tea's a salad from now on
  4. I know mate, it's well bad aint it. I think they're doing it and can get away with it coz the sprogs don't know any better and are too shy to stand up for themselves. We should make a stand
  5. Why the flying fcuk are you dripping on here about the standard of food in the cookhouse? Why not get some comments down in the book, get in your Troop Staffies in tray?? Or are you too scared?
  6. Try finding a book in blandford cookhouse mate, the boy has a point!
  7. Precisely, go and see your Tp SSgt. Thats what their job is! If no joy, Tp Comd and so on maybe even your Sqn 2 ice-cream if needed. Why settle for mucky food?
  8. Hey, if you're not happy with the standard of the cookhouse, there's plenty of restaurants down town that would be more than happy to take your money off you!!! Pizza King, Kebab House, Indians, Chinese.... The list is endless. Apparently the cats and rats taste much nicer in the Indian.
  9. The ROC, the ROS and the ROO are all supposed to visit the cookhouse at meal times and talk to the recruits about the standard of food. If he's perm. staff/upgrader he should be able to find out how the system works and put a complaint in.
  10. I was sqn messing member at blandford for a time and it did suprise me how hard these guys are trying on a pittance of a budget, with mostly trainee chefs.

    So if you want the answer, go vote but don't vote labour and maybe get the armed forces a bigger budget, but i doubt it.
  11. You know what, I spend a lot of time away and everytime I come back there is a post from Blandford and always a f**cking whinge and groan. Shut the f**k up and get on and live with the uniform you chose, tw@t.
  12. your post was shite
  13. yours was shite too
  14. Breast in three letters I want to call him
  15. if their posts were shite watertight, what would you call your pathetic little rant at them, we all know the food in balandford is substandard and evryone who gives all that 'you chose the uniform' b*****ks is probably a pad who never eats the gruel they serve daily!