Blandford: Centre of Excellence or Museum?

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mmmm Investors in people award, centre of excellence.

          A     R     R    S    E     !   !   !   !

But not to worry as the trainees are ok and have some lovely facilitys.
mmmm Investors in people award,
ah yes that farce
work really hard doing the paper work to get the nice plaque for the HQ wall and then forget about it
panic when you hear there is an audit about to happen
issue everyone with a training questionaire and then do nothing about any (if any) of the points raised in the few completed and handed in
The poll is back...I believe there may have been some problem with a software upgrade.
Guilty - am currently testing a new version of the board software.  Should be ready in the next couple of weeks
George W, you missed out the option on the poll, that reads S**t hole.
to show how dated the Corps is:

why does it say on the Job Description of a Class 1 Systems Engineering Technician that they are eligible for membership of The Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (IEEIE)

explain this then

The IIE was established in April 1998 to champion the cause of the practical engineering professional, The Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE) is the largest and most influential multidisciplinary engineering institution in the UK.

The Institution was formed by the merger of The Institution of Electronic and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (IEEIE), The Institution of Mechanical Incorporated Engineers (IMechIE), and The Institute of Engineers and Technicians (IET). In 1999 there was a further merger with The Institution of Incorporated Executive Engineers (IIExE). IIE now boasts a growing worldwide membership of some 40,000 men and women.

In October 2001, IIE received a Royal Charter in recognition of the significant contribution of its members to the UK economy and society.

i would say they were at least 4 years out of touch on this :?

it also says that Class 1 Technician is recognised by the The Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing Union.

In 1992 The Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing Union amalgated with the Engineers to form the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union.
that would make them 11 years out of touch on that!

nice to see that the centre of excellence has bothered to keep up to date with what is happening in the big bad world outside of the land that time forgot otherwise known as the county of Dorset.
with such cutting edge thinking as this is it any wonder that we are more worried about extensions to the corps museum than training and retention?

and why is the poll that used to be on here still not working?


I was at Blandford for five months, in Kohima troop, waiting to go on my course. I was treated like s*** and I hated it. The only decent thing about it, was being able to go out in Bournemouth at the weekends!

You say you were treated like shit#te, but in what way? Did the fail to treat you like an adult or were they just poor at managing, can you explain a bit more?

Well Blandford does churn out highly professional people at every rank, giving them a fair grounding in their trade/profession and the Corp Museum is there as well….

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