Blandford Cadet Post Signals Classification Course Question

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Woody32, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. I have recently went on the cadet post signals classification and after hearing the usual cadety bullshite that after going on this we can wear the Royal signals cap badge, stable belt,and shoulder flash, I am left wondering what does it actually entitle you to wear/ instruct.

    I know that the courses are as follows:
    - 'Cadet signals user cadre' - weekend course done at detachment/ coy level
    - 'Cadet crossed flags course' - weekend or week long course done at brigade level
    - 'Cadet post signals classification course' - week long course done at Blandford, with cadets from all over UK
    - 'Cadet advanced users cadre' - (same as above)

    Does anybody actually know, bullshite free, what we are allowed to wear?
  2. As far as I am aware it only entitles them them to wear the crossed flags on their brassard. Any othe accoutrement i fear may be a load of arrse.
    The advanced course allows you to assist on the lower levels of training but all testing must be done by the appropriate DS.
    This is an instance of cadets mixing what entitlements their courses allow with that of TA and Regs.
    The only cadets i have ever seen wearing signals cap badge and stable belts belong to a signals unit.
    As for flashes this would be a definate no no as it makes cadets look like proper soldiers apparently so is automatically outlawed, or so it should be
  3. Well apperently there was a long argument between the head honchos of the royal signals and the heads of cadet signals, and the upshot was that the com. of cadet sigs and some brigadier got in touch with the head of the army dress regulations commitee and it was decided that cadets badged to the royal signals were entitled to wear the flash after attending the post classification course, and the cadets who this applied to were given paperwork to take back to their countys as proof of being allowed to wear such insignia.
    I just wondered why it was only those cadets allowed.
    Also on the final day of the course a lt. col. came down and during his lesson apoligised to the cdt frm hereford and worcestor (me), because he forgot a specific badge for me. Has anone got any ideas what this may have been?

  4. got me stumped on that one then. Hereford and worcester eh you lot are a law unto yourselves though:) Check your PM though
  5. Oh so you kno us eh?
    and I don't have any PM???
  6. The signals flash will be utter *****. You are not in the Royal Signals - simple as, and the last time I was with the ACF there was a notice read out saying all members of the ACF (cadets and staff) are not to wear any TRF's as they are members of the ACF not that Reg/Corps.
  7. Its crossed flags.....end of

    Anything not on the brassard makes you look like a reg.
  8. Thanks, I'm not going to look a knob now trying to bullshite my instructors into leting me wear incorrect 'insignia'.

    I'll let the tw@ts down in cornwall wear what the hell they like!
  9. You missed off the CASI (Cadet Assistant Signals Instructor) qualification- when I did it you had to teach two TP's, one on VP, the other on a PRC, whilst attending the advanced sigs course. Does this still exist?

    We got issued with a sigs lanyard on completion of the advanced signals course, saw a CCF course member put it on his 95 shirt, hohohohohoho :lol:
  10. I would imagine that he was probably referring to this badge


    As you are badged Light Infantry, you wear should wear green on maize rank and qualification badges. I certainly did when I was a cadet in Herefordshire in the 80's.
  11. Yes, I already had that badge though before I attended the course (you get it from going on the 'crossed flags course') and so the special 'something' for me would have been something else!
  12. right this is definately how it goes and what you can wear after each course:

    Cadet Radio User - The CRU badge
    Cadet Classification - The Crossed Flags (to be worn on the bottom row of the brassard)
    Cadet Post Classification - No badges or insignia, just your nice course certificate
    Cadet Advanced Signals (aka. Advanced HF) - RS Blue lanyard to be worn with ceremonial dress only (not combat pyjamas)
    Cadet Assistant Signals Instructor (CASI) - 'X' flags can now be worn above the chevrons on your brassard
  13. The Royal Corps of Signals Dress Regulations, as published by the office of SOinC(A) and approved by the Army Dress Regulations Committee clearly state that the TRF will be worn by ALL adult instructors, officers AND cadets who are badged Signals.
    This has been the subject of a turf war between HQ Land and SOinC(A), however SOinC(A) has secured the endorsement of the ADC.
    It has never been stated that the TRF was only to be worn by cadets who had attended a Blandford course - the entitlement is based on capbadge not course attendance.
    I have electronic copies of the Corps Dress Regs, as well as the loose minute from the Corps RSM explaining the facts. I also have several hundred TRFs as issued to me by the QM of 11 Sig Regt for issue to entitled adults and cadets.
    There is a lot of rumour and gossip in this thread and hopefully the facts are now clear!
  14. Not really, if that's the case then why did one RFCA say that no TRF's are to be worn by Adults (Unless in the TA aswell) or Cadets...
  15. The way the signals courses work here in merry Sussex is something like this:

    We have the cadet signallers course which consists of 6 weekends and a two-week camp where we aid the company exercises. This is said to be as in-depth as a basic TA signals course. I have no experience of the TA course but Sussex seem to do alot more signals training than other counties, and it shows. At the end of this the crossed flags are awarded.

    There's then the Assistant Instructor's course which deals in antenna theory, HF and allsorts. This lasts around 6 weekends (hard to say because alot of time is spent aiding the cadet signallers) and on completion, cross flags go above rank.