Blandford block leave dates??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smallman(syndrome), Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Do the lucky folk at Blandford camp (students and school staff) still have block leave, ie, easter, summer, xmas? Anyone know of the rough dates for 2008?

  2. Work free zone 1st Jan-31st Dec
  3. why you need to know that, so you can head south and do some squaddie bashing as is the hobby of many people ?
  4. Phone the troop you are posted to and ask them, I find it works wonders!!!
  5. Is there an Opsec issue here?

    I saw the thread, and as the father of JS due to start his phase 2 (Trade Training) in August, I thought the dates would be useful to me too.

    If it's Opsec, then fair enough - I've been out a while - but otherwise, why give bone answers to a legit question?
  6. Reasons for asking the question pretty much summed up by the response from mamontogo.
    Likewise, if there is an Opsec issue here, forget it.
    Been out a while myself, and dont really have any Sigs based contacts. Thought Id ask the question on here.
  7. Students get training breaks and regular leave
  8. Easter is AD 19 Mar - FP 26 Mar. Apart from that its xmas! get your leave in as and when you can, or carry loads over like the rest of us here.
  9. It really does depend on what trade and what course they are on as each course has specific "training breaks" but I do have the grant leave dates for all Phase 2 trainees until March next year.

    Course programmes are not done that far in advance.
    PM with details if you want more info