Blandford ARRSE crawl

How many people in the Blandford area would be interested in a mini-arrse crawl some time in Feb? If you are in the area, and fancy meeting up for several quaffs, drop me a PM. :idea: Date can be negotiated to suit so that max no of people can attend.

Exact venue/route TBC, but suggestions welcomed if you can make it. :lol:

You may get more takers if you make the crawl in a more central area (Salisbury maybe) therefore drawing in more ARRSE members from the southern garrisons.
Good point GQ. My apologies for not including others. I was intending on seeing how many Sigs were in Blandford for an event, but if interest extends further afield, Salisbury would be a good location, extends the invite to the Bulford/Tidworth/Larkhill area.

Ok, format still to be decided, but invite still open to all. Suggestions for date perhaps Sat 12th Feb?

Anyone any preference for pubs etc, PM me and I'll make the arrangements.

Cheers again GQ.

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