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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ragnar, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Firstly I apologize for creating another Blandford thread...

    but whats going on :?:

    Why can a number of TA soldiers turn up for a two week course and be told the due to the lack of numbers XYZ course isn't running. Is it because the regular instructors have other things to be getting on with :?:

    I understand the effort needed to be put in doesn't justify running a course doesn't warrant it to take place, but to do it on the start date of the course :!: :!: :!: These TA soldiers can't simply rebook the course latter on in the year as they've a limited amount of 'holidays'

    If a certain robob...h is causing problems, please don't involve the rest of us in the political infighting
  2. If true this is complete (insert name of website here), did all the students turn up or were some told in advance ?

    We had something similar where one of our guys turned up for a course a couple of years ago to be greeted with blank looks by the people on the training wing. It turned out that the sqn had received fax saying the course had been cancelled but being the great communicators we are it didn't get passed on !
  3. What course got binned, and when?
  4. Staffy course

    Bit of a hooha about it

    apparently 11 turned up and 11 was the minimum so whats the deal ?
  5. They were expecting 27-29. Numbers that came through said 19 to attend, then on the day only 11 arrived, course binned. I'm off down there shortly and, personally, I'd be seriously disappointed if my course got binned. I get plenty of holidays in any given year, but to be honest, I have used them all (39days) for this and that, all involving the TA. By the end of this month I will have used 35+ days to work for the mob, that does not include weekends as those are free to use as I please.
  6. Their was a FofS(V) course last year and polar69 is correct it was the Staffy course. Causes a lot of extra work when this happens, the TA Sigs Regts have to find work for people do, so they can complete a camp.
  7. PM for you Raggy
  8. Same thing happened to me a few months back.
    I was due to go on a course but apparently it was cancelled a month before hand, funny thing was that I only received my joining instructions the week before.
    Now that is an impressive cock up.
  9. I really dont understand why they cant run a course for 11 people? If it's a staffy's course or a full screws course that is cancelled, all that happens is peoples promotions are fcuked up. You may not be able to get on another course for 12-18 months nd that's if you can fit one in.
  10. ^Devilish ... exactly.

    Much of the system for booking courses is unsuitable for TA, courses are only loaded six weeks before the course, which means if a course is unlikely to run or be overbooked no warning will be recieved until very late. So its leaves no time to find people to make numbers up or allow others to rearrange/cancel their work hols.

    I had to book my last course at a time totally unsuitable for me - as I knew the next time it was gonna run their was 80% chance of it not running (and I'd have to wait two years to get the qualification I wanted)

    But as its happening so frequently why aren't the courses being run less (and ensuring adequate loading) but that would cause problems in Ptarmigan regiments, their are so few AS Op (P) (Switch bitches), AS Op (P)(RR) (relay) or Rad Op (Basic) (ptarmigan rad op) the chances are that these will never get enough students to run the course. (Believe numbers on last ptarmigan class 1's have all been less than 5)

    Wish me luck I'm gonna be booking an EW or AMSCERP course in the new year next Tuesday ..... or should I just arrange to sort out the stores instead with the SQMS.
  11. I've been advised by my Sqn that the Ptarmigan Area Sys Op Class 1 in Oct may not run due to lack of students and the person who makes the final decision is on leave.

    There are 2 of us booked in from the Sqn for that and as camp is the two weeks immediately preceeding the course it doesn't leave much time for the decision to be made if we are to try and make that instead. Work in the fact that I've had the two weeks booked off from work since April when I put my course request in and it's getting late to suddenly ask for a change of dates if it doesn't run. Of course if I can't change holidays I may end up having to work in barracks again as I did last year (but thats a different story).
  12. I've heard the number of courses not running has got worse in recent years. If my sources are correct the course should be running next year (as the last two haven't).

    Your 3rd tape will have to wait a little longer. Is it a Germany camp this year, maybe Blandford should only run AS Op courses when 12 Sig Grps camps are in the UK?
  13. I would like to back you up however I dont have time for people who wont make a comitment to the glorious Royal Corps. There are approx 5000 regular members of the Royal Corps who have signed on the line and have said they will give a minimum of four years to the army. If you want to do your courses then get yourself down the careers center and get a full time job see can you cut it with the real scaleys
  14. ****

    You have no idea.

    Some of us are ex regs and your comment of "I dont have time for people who wont make a comitment to the glorious Royal Corps." grits my shit
  15. Yawn, yawn, yawn.......