Blame the victim

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walt_of_the_walts, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. In my experience of such situations, you rarely find what is reported in the press actually reflects what is in the Police incident or even in subsequent statements and interviews.

    Better to err on the side of caution and seize the guns which may have been threatened to be used and sort it out in slow time rather than await shooting and the Coroners inquest/murder enquiry.

    As for pikeys, they're a complete nause and the law on trespass and horse ownership should be changed as it is in Ireland imv. They know all of their rights and what benefits/entitlements are due to them, but none of the responsibilities that go with those rights.
  2. The report makes no mention of the farmer threatening anyone with a shotgun. If no armed threat has been made, even if the travellers were trespassing, why remove the landowner's shotguns?

    I hope the police don't see this removal of the shotgun as a pre-emptive policy, regardless of any offences committed by the certificate holder. Do they have powers to do this? I don't think so.
  3. You've seen the Police report then? Or are you just quoting the newspapers? from what I read there was allegations and counter allegations.
    I think you'll find they do and in fact they have a duty to. Common law to prevent a breach of the peace or potential breach, then a warrant, then a revocation. BASC have even discussed the procedures with ACPO.

    Then again, I suppose you are one who would rather the conviction was in place before any action was taken? Seeing as case law disagrees with you, so do I
  4. I always do
  5. Nice work plod, stunning stuff! Now everyone knows where you can break in and nick guns once it's all quietened down!
  6. You've been to Severalls Lane then? You know how many farms are on the road? Doubt very much plod released the story as well, more like the person that was unhappy with plod's response and just confirmed action they'd taken.

    Never let a good story get in the way of the truth
  7. I can't quite decide who is the biggest menace to rural householders and farmers, the pikeys or the filth. On the whole I think it's probably the brave boys in blue, who have assigned themselves the role of pikey SF, ensuring that any threats to their peaceful enjoyment of other people's property are neutralised in advance.
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  8. So why wasn't the chainsaw seized as well, to ensure a balanced application of the law?
  9. As these so called "travellers" have put themselves outside of the law, should they be able to claim protection from the same institution?
  10. Dunno, was it? Was it there? Did it exist? As I said, what's in the press is rarely everything availalble.
  11. How many of them breed Shetland cattle and have the a triple barrelled name beginning with Tracy? Police issue dailly statements to the press, the press print them after the addition of whatever bias they see fit. That's journalism today.

    It's worse here in Germany, the press print them verbatim, without comment. Once a police state, always a police state.
  12. More outrage bus antics. Anyway, this is what the police website says:
    Essex Police responds to incident in Severalls Lane, Colchester
    I don't see anything about surnames there. Guess that was a dissatsfied 'customer' of essex plod then. Seems they took the right course of action if he has indeed thretened to shoot the pikeys [serious mode off:] which frankly I applaud[serious mode on:]

  13. Weeeellll.....If the papers didn't mention the existance of any shotguns present at the disturbance then why were they seized on the grounds of an alleged threat ? The chainsaws were reported as in use when the alleged threats were made and being used in the pursuit of a possible crime, that is to say the theft of wood by the act of cutting trees down on someone's property. Or did the Police just meekly accept claims that the persons in question were not present.

    And Our Lords and Masters wonder why increasing sections of "Middle England" despise the forces of Law and Order and the ruling classes.....
  14. Read post 13 and see if your comment still stands ....